10 Trending Saree Designs to Try this Year

10 Trending Saree Designs to Try this Year


These days, sarees come in a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, georgette, satin, organza, and many others. They are now a regular thing in every Indian home. The selection of stunning sarees is a wardrobe must for all aficionados of Desi fashion, yet, the styles and silhouettes for wearing them are always evolving.  

You won't believe it, but the saree originally started off as a modest drape worn by women hundreds of years ago. The Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished in northwestern India between 2800 and 1800 BC, is where the drape or a garment resembling the sari first appeared. Cotton, the main component of sarees, was initially grown on the Indian subcontinent during the fifth millennium BC. 

Let us take a look at 10 saree trends that will rule this year. 

Ikkat saree


Ikat patterns are created using the resist dying technique, and it differs from the other two widely used Indian resist dyeing techniques, Bandhini and Batik, in that the foundation of the design is created in the yarn rather than the cloth.

Now, this is one of the personal favourites of many women. Along with Gujarat and Odisha, Telangana is one of India's historical centres for Ikkat weaving.

Also, you can try Ikkat sarees with wide borders or substantial decorations if you are on the taller side and Silk or chiffon Ikkat sarees would look excellent on you if you're on the shorter side.

You can check this alluring green Ikkat pichwai saree for you to adorn in your next event.

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Kota Doria saree


Unique cotton and silk fabric with a square check pattern are called Kota Doria. While cotton gives the fabric strength, the silk gives it gloss. Kota, a city in Rajasthan, is where Kota Doria gets its name. Numerous shades of colour and various adornments are also present thanks to contemporary adjustments and improvements to the fabric.

One of the characteristics that sets apart Kota Doria fabric is the checkered pattern, or "khat." The Kota Doria sarees are perfect for everyday wear because of their extremely fine weave and light weight. These distinctively styled sarees have gained popularity throughout the world as one of the most widely used Indian textiles.

This Kota Duria saree is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

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Chanderi saree


A little town from the 11th century called Chanderi, found in Madhya Pradesh's northern region, is well-known for its charming forts, rolling hills, and exquisite hand-woven Chanderi sarees. This six-yard sculpture is prized for the creativity that went into its design all around the world.

Chanderi is a summer-friendly fabric since it is light. It is also offered in vibrant hues and has a light shine, making it appropriate for wearing by both genders. 

Different Chanderi patterns incorporate traditional coins, floral art, peacocks, and contemporary geometric motifs. The sarees are among the best in India, and they are renowned for their luxurious needlework, exquisite silk, and gold and silver brocade, or zari.

This grey lotus Chanderi saree is something you wouldn't want to miss out on this season.

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Organza saree


As the name suggests, an organza silk saree is made from a special fabric called organza. It is a sheer silk fabric with a lightweight plain weave. An organza saree requires a lot of work because it is entirely handcrafted. Indian women who want to put together a chic and sophisticated image frequently choose organza silk for their sarees. Organza silk saree is an item of ideal clothing for a variety of occasions, from a classic drape to a party style. 

By the middle of the 2000s, Bollywood actresses were sporting the unusual silk material, and the craze for organza sarees had already taken over the world of fashion. 

An olive green organza saree that you want to miss out on this wedding season, is this.

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Velvet saree


The look and feel of velvet are distinctively lavish, luxurious, and regal. Sparingly employed in sarees is this thicker cloth, which has traditionally been associated with the affluent and royal. Due to the popularity of half-and-half saree designs, velvet is being used in an increasing number of designer saree compositions. 

Velvet sarees are enduring and naturally drape well about your body in terms of texture as well. You can opt to wear a velvet saree to a wedding, special occasion, or any other special day because velvet has the same luxurious appearance as silk. Wine purple, maroon, and bottle green are some of the most popular hues for velvet sarees. 

If you are looking to adorn a saree for an evening event that makes everyone turn their heads, you should definitely pick a velvet saree for you. 

Saree hack:

Belted sarees are the next big thing in the fashion world after belted lehengas.

Ombre sarees


The weaving method known as ombre uses several coloured threads in the warp and woven fabric to create distinctive colours. It is enigmatic because of where one hue finishes and another begins after interweaving.

The peak of contemporary sarees is these ombre sarees, also known as dual-tone sarees. These sarees make wonderful gifts for special people or as wedding attire for friends. This saree is an affordable alternative and is made of crepe and georgette. Additionally, stitched ombre sarees are available with a variety of decorations, including lace and zari. All can enjoy ombre sarees, which are popular among younger generations and available in a variety of colours and patterns.

Pastel silk saree


For Indian women of all ages, silk sarees have always been a source of delight and an evergreen fashion statement. Sarees are also luxurious, regal, and virtually regarded as heirloom sarees. Anyone who wishes to admire their physique and is in love with their curves will benefit from the silky, smooth touch. These pure or chiffon-blended silk sarees have long been popular because they look great on all Indian skin tones and body types.

The colour palette of these silk sarees is the only variation that has been made. Pastels are one of the beautiful wonders that have been used in the dressing of the silhouette. They allude to the gentle, light tones of the actual colours. It's finally time for the dominant reds and oranges to make way for the serene, calming pastels in the wedding club. 

Animal print saree


Those clothes with vivid colours and animal prints have definitely started to appear in your favourite apparel stores. They now stand for fashion, confidence, and elegance.  Animal print has long dominated the fashion industry, from zebra to leopard print, and it is now appearing in ethnic clothing. Animal designs are a major trend in the newest saree collections right now, appearing in everything from chiffon sarees to partywear Georgette sarees. 

This season, an animal print saree would be the ideal complement to your collection of ethnic clothing. A stunning animal pattern saree can be dressed with trendy jewellery for any occasion. 

The newest animal print clothing is gorgeous to behold because this trend is timeless and will endure for a while. 

Saree hack:

Two pins, one on top and one in the middle, should be used to secure the pleats; this ensures that your saree stays in one place while moving around. 

Colour Block saree


Well, colour blocking is a growing new fad this year. This recently developed idea is being tested not only on sarees but also on a variety of other items like t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, Kurtis, shoes, purses, and more. The colour-blocked sarees are made utilising multiple solid tone hues to produce a distinctive impression, just as the name says. The unusual contrasts in colour and pattern look even more lovely in sarees. Women can experiment with colour-blocking sarees by pairing them with different blouses to make their own distinctive colour-blocking saree combinations. It produces a fascinating and distinctive canvas-like design on the saree that distinguishes this product as unique.  

Pleated saree


Last but not least, the saree trend that made more heads turn is the pleated saree trend. 

Following Deepika Padukone's appearance in a light pastel-coloured pleated saree last year, self-running pleated sarees have become quite the vogue this year. Pleats are essentially cloth folds that mimic an outstanding attractiveness. The saree's fabric is covered in pleats to produce a pattern resembling symmetrical waves. Whether it's a cocktail party, sangeet, concert, office party, or other formal function, you might pick to wear a pleated saree. Pleated sarees have a classic and contemporary charm, and you will look amazing in this ensemble.

Saree hacks you can try:

  • To make sure you look good in a saree, always drape the saree at a decent height around your waist. 
  • You can choose a contrasting blouse and petticoat to make it stand out. 

Saree maintenance tips that you can try:

For cotton sarees,

  • Considering that dark colours often bleed, wash them separately.
  • Dry them in the shade.

For Organza sarees,

  • You should only dry clean.
  • Be sure to fold them.
  • Put them in a muslin cloth to store them.

For Silk sarees,

  • To prevent fading on the creases, occasionally refold these sarees.
  • Store them separately from sarees made of other materials. They should be kept apart.


If you're a saree lover, you should definitely be trying these saree trends to look outstanding in the crowd. Looking beautiful in a saree is everyone's dream. Ambraee's exclusive saree collection has everything that you need to have this festival season.

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