Sarees: Multipurpose for all occasions!

Sarees: Multipurpose for all occasions! - Ambraee

Saree the traditional attire of Indian women symbolizing modesty and humility with undeniable elegance that makes women look merely beautiful. They are an essential part of the traditions of the country and are adorned by women on all special occasions. Probably one of the oldest attires for females in the country it is the traditional and go-to garment for women when it comes to dressing up for events. There is an excellent reason to back the fact up, that is, sarees come in several designs and material that gives women of different taste a chance to select hat they love and give it a try. Apart from being one of the most comfortable garments that you can drape on, it goes well with all body shapes and sizes with minor adjustments. 


Pair your saree with shoes of your own choice!

You might ask if there is a particular style of shoes that go well with a saree; the answer to this is whatever you want to pair with a saree looks fabulous with it. Be it wedges if you are seeking more comfort when you have to be dressed up for long hours or a stiletto that can give you the most stylish mix between the traditional and the modern. In-fact stilettoes are one of the most common choices that are paired by women to provide them with a slimmer and taller appearance. 


The current trends in sarees

Yes, there are sarees that are made using different techniques and materials that have distinct patterns on them put on using various methods like block printing or hand painting. The “pink flamingo hand painted saree” from Ambraee is an example of the latest trends in the world of sarees, showcasing the craftsmanship and skill of the artisans; this is one garment that will take your dressing game to new heights. You can learn to tie a saree in a different way and voila that’s all you need to get a unique fresh appearance out of the ones you already have in your wardrobe. Look for an Organza the next time you go online and style it with the latest pallu drape, online websites like us have seen a spike in demand of such sarees. You also get a variety of options to choose from so that no one feels left out there is one for everyone. 


Ladies can be very choosy when it comes to dressing up for an occasion, rightfully so it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. But a saree is almost perfect for every occasion, some examples below tell you when and where can you wear a saree without a second thought.


  • Weddings: This is an occasion where dressing up in a saree will make you look elegant, and if you are with your partner, it will definitely add to his suave. Being the traditional dresses for most of the cultures for the bride at a wedding it is one of the few things that complete an Indian wedding. Weddings can be one of the most important occasions that you wear a saree to so pick one wisely that compliments your skin tones and the jewellery that you wish to pair with the saree.  
  • Festivals: these are days when you have the liberty to choose from the widest range of colours as that will be appropriate for the occasion. You can also spice things up by going with a designer blouse and a pair of stilettos that will add to your appeal. 



You have the option to choose from the best different states have to offer, 

  • Cotton saree: 
  • From pure to semi, the cotton sarees have never left their place in a woman’s wardrobe. Cotton sarees offer unmatched comfort. Owing to the same, it is a preferred work wear, daily wear and light occasion wear as well.

  • Chanderi sarees:
  • These are made from cloth that is handwoven in Madhya Pradesh and have been in demand since ages. Chanderi sarees were first noticed by a colonial officer for being worn by the royalty of the country. Know for their soft fabric, light texture and transparency these are the ones in demand by most women as they are very comfortable and stylish. These sarees are known or their glossy transparency and their sheer texture, that come with unique motifs embellished on the soft fabric. 

    • Kasuva saree:

    The word kasuva refers to the gold thread or the zari used in the border of the sarees. Made using cotton yarns the cloth is one of the softest that you will come across. This is the traditional wear for women down south in our country (Kerela), loved for the gold that is woven into the borders of the saree this is one of the most eye-appealing saree that you can adorn.