Tier Dresses, you Just can't resist!

Tier Dresses, you Just can't resist! - Ambraee

The styles and variety of dresses available in this segment are only limited by your imagination. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of different shapes and sizes in a tiered dress. The superimposed layers of various lengths create a wavy texture on your dress, making it look as fresh as a beautiful morning on a tropical beach. The versatility of these dresses means that you can wear them to any destination, you can wear them to work, you can flaunt your body in a tiered dress on a date, or pair one with flip flops to the beach or the movie theatre.

Tiered dresses have been around for quite some time now and are seen everywhere from women wearing it as a sign of wealth to ladies rocking comfortable tiered dresses paired with complimenting footwear to special occasions. There is an option for everyone willing to give it a try.

Listed below are some of the hottest selling tiered dresses from our website. 

Pink Tier Dress with Jacket.

You can definitely rock a chic look in this particular set, the traditionalistic dress in the bright pink colour paired with the floral jacket gives it a touch of stylish flare. The floor-sweeping dress is going to turn heads and sweep men off their feet whenever you put on this pair. It has a bright look to it which is eye-catching, and the floral prints on the jacket give out a feeling of the tropics adding a freshening look. The pink tier dress is the right choice for ladies looking to add colour to their wardrobe, adding the never shy of a colour tag to you.

Black Tier Chiffon Dupatta Dress. 

It is a dress that will make you look and feel far more than the ordinary. This dress allows you to flaunt your back while keeping wardrobe malfunctions miles away. This dress is as beautiful as a white peacock, who says monotones aren't colourful enough! This set can be rocked elegantly on any occasion giving you a classic look with the dupatta. The solid colour makes it a go-to choice when facing difficulties in picking up a dress, add in some accessories, and you are good to go. 

White Tier Dress with Jacket. 

With all the good properties of a tier dress, this particular set is meant for all ladies trying to grab attention to their upper bodies while maintaining a balance of colour. The white stripes on the black jacket create a psychological illusion that makes you appear thinner. The white symbolizes purity and innocence, balancing out the black on top, creating a perfect combination of yin and yang.


White Tier with Blue Patch Work 

It is one of the finest pieces of the collection, and the colour white is one that everybody needs to have in their wardrobe. There are some mornings when you just can't seem to put together an outfit this white dress with the blue patchwork is just what you need to put on. The colour white repels away all the negative vibrations keeping your spirits high and upbeat while the vertical blue patchworks draw the eyes vertically to give you a flattering look. It is also the right choice for occasions when you want to highlight your curves or add in some extra inches to your legs, making your legs appear longer. 


Lilac Sequined Placket Dress

This particular dress flares gently from the waist having the classic three layers of a tiered dress. Being loose and breezy, this is a great choice for geographical locations that get a fair share of the sun. It can also be paired with boots for the winters. You can put on this dress and guarantee yourself comfort like no other, paired with different accessories this dress can be worn anywhere you like. 


Tiered Sleeve Suit Set 

The subtle details in this particular dress make you look deep and interesting, paired with flat sandals this can be rocked to work, and the guys are not going to stop swinging by. The colour combination is just phenomenal, and it is the perfect choice for women who have a pear-shaped body as the sleeves draw attention away from the hips keeping it on the upper body. It allows you to have a level of confidence that you might not have had in quite a long time. 

Tier dresses have been around for decades and are not going anywhere anytime soon. It is because of the versatility in the uses and designs of these dresses. Above mentioned are just some examples of a tiered dress you can browse through the internet and you will come across a wide array of these dresses. The right choice for a dress on a vacation or a kitty party with friends. These are dresses that need very low-maintenance, so you don't have to worry about the expensive tab from the laundryman.