About Us

The venture was started in 2016 with the sole purpose of celebrating the ethnicity and vibrancy of Jaipuri Prints and dressing every women in them.
Ambraee tries to be the choice of a wide age group, with its minimalistic designs and an extensive product line. You will find dresses for every occasion- from parties, weddings and festivals to every day wearables!
From sourcing the fabrics to stitching the details, every thing is done in-house! Ambraee essentially curates for you the compositions that are unique, new and give you swag with sabhyata.

Success Story

Started by Palak Agarwal with her own curious mind and diligent effort into marketing on social media, product photography, and putting her all the efforts in every direction. From being solely operated by her, the firm has now grown up to have a dispatching team, in-house designers and a social media team headed by her- and we are not looking back!