10 Beautiful Saree for Chhath Puja

10 Beautiful Saree for Chhath Puja


The festive season reaches its full grandeur six days after the festival of light, known as Chhath Puja! It brings a thread of traditional appeal and sheer joy that celebrates the spirit of life like no other. Another thing that this lovely festival brings with it is the glitz and glamour of ethnic wear for women. From alluring shararas to elegant sarees, this celebration would be incomplete without incorporating traditional yet trendy ethnic ensembles that accentuate the vibrant festival's full-of-life vibe.

Various food items are prepared and served to family and friends in households such as Prasad. Besides cooking delicious food and fasting during Chhath Puja, women enjoyed dressing in traditional attire and accompanying Solah Shringar (Jewellery). Women prefer to wear sarees as an outfit during this festival.

What is Chhath Puja? 

The annual four-day Chhath Puja festival is just around the corner, and devotees are preparing to celebrate with great zeal. Chhath Puja, also known as Surya Shashti, is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Surya (Sun God or Surya Bhagavan), the God of energy and life. During the Chhath Puja, women fast and pray to Lord Surya and Chhathi Maiya for their families' and children's well-being, prosperity, and progress.

Five colours of traditional outfits to wear during Chhath Puja

Red: Women look stunning in red dresses associated with happiness and good fortune. During the Chhath Puja festival, the colour red has special significance and is considered auspicious for married women.

Orange: It is a popular colour in Hindu festivals because it is considered a religious colour. Women should wear this colour during Chhath Puja because it makes them feel good and sacred.

Yellow: Wearing yellow is auspicious because the sunlight turns slightly yellowish at sunset. Yellow is associated with joy, glory, harmony, and wisdom.

Pink: Pink is a bright colour to wear during Chhath Puja because it is associated with femininity, sensitivity, and charm.

Green: A green outfit exudes positivity and can be worn with other colour dresses. The colour primarily represents happiness and fertility.

10 Beautiful sarees for Chhath puja 

Ambraee has some unique saree ideas crafted with sun shades - Red, Yellow, and Orange - for slaying this Chhath Puja in 2021. Our colourful ensembles will charm your festive wardrobe, as they are comfortable, chic, and full of the latest trends. Check it out! 

  1. Organza saree

This is the most well-known type of organza saree, and women prefer it for its lightweight fabric and lovely light colours. These gorgeous sarees are incredibly comfortable and have a natural beauty to them. These organza sarees are ideal with or without jewellery to create various looks. Floral patterns, geometric prints, and motifs on organza sarees have become a trend in their own right because they highlight the beauty of the fabric and have a delicate elegance that comes from the beautiful prints on the organza saree.


  1. Check out Ambraee's Buta organza saree draped with comfort and elegance.

  2.  It is a must-have for your festive collection. You can style this saree with gold jewellery and flaunt your exuberance. 

    How to maintain organza sarees: 

    • Only use dry cleaning.
    • Do not drape the saree.
    • Always fold your sarees before storing them in a muslin cloth.
    • To avoid tearing at the seams, refold the sarees regularly.
    1. Chanderi saree

    A saree is a timeless piece of attire. It looks great on any woman and is popular among people of all ages. It has left a long legacy of skilled and experienced weavers whose craft cannot be replaced by power loom versions and thus deserves recognition for its artistic brilliance. Chanderi silk is one of India's sparkling jewels and holds a special place in our hearts like no other.


  3. Check out Ambraee's Green gold foil Chanderi saree

  4. Style do’s: Pair it with a golden blouse and stone-studded jewellery for an elegant and lavish look.

    1. Cotton silk saree

    Cotton silk is a fibre blend of cotton and silk. Cotton silk sarees are distinguished by their silken drape, shine, smoothness, lightness, and softness, as well as their comfort and airiness. Cotton silk sarees have a rich feel and texture because they are woven with cotton on the weft and silk on the warp. It is one of the ensembles that enhances beauty and elegance during pujas or festive occasions. 

    Women prefer cotton sarees for their comfort. Cotton silk sarees have an edge regarding convenience. They have a silken shine and a lustrous texture and are comfortable, light, and airy.


  5. Check out Ambraee's Green Ikat Pichwai 

  6. The saree material has cotton-silk fabric woven with premium digital prints. 

    Style do's: Pair the saree with gold jewellery to make a fashionable statement. 

    1. Kota Doria saree

    The urge for sartorial superiority has inspired us to manufacture novel ensembles and outfits. Kota Doria sarees and suits come in three styles: basic, printed, and zari. As a result, it is a versatile fabric for casual and formal occasions. The checks on the plain sarees are mostly made of a slightly rough cotton texture or just simple gold threads. Block printing is one of the new techniques used to adorn Kota Doria sarees, giving them a modern feel. The Rajasthani royalty favoured this fabric since it portrayed effortless grace and style.


  7. Check out Ambraee's Buta Doria saree.

  8. This Brown Buta Doria Saree features elegant prints and earthy hues, making it ideal for an ethnic look.

    1. Georgette saree

    Liven up your wardrobe with georgette sarees this festive season. Georgette Sarees are another popular saree that is gaining popularity. It is popular among young girls due to its sheer, lightweight, silky finish. Georgette sarees are versatile, easy to drape and dye, and wear. Heavy embellishments look stunning on this sheer fabric, making you both comfortable and pretty. Because of its smooth texture, the saree pleats fall gracefully and beautifully.


    Style do's: Style georgette sarees with neutral makeup, relaxed hair down the shoulders, and statement jewellery. Keep the accessories in the tones of the outfit. 

    1. Raw silk saree

    Raw silk is one of the world's oldest fabrics. These sarees are made from unprocessed pure silk. As a result, the sarees will have a coarse texture but will be light and easy to carry. Raw silk sarees are lighter in weight than Pure Silk sarees. They provide comfort, ease of walking and sitting, and draping simplicity. 

    Ambraee's sarees have a plethora of colours and designs to choose from. Pure raw silks are perfect for all occasions, with their captivating array of colours, motifs, and threadwork.


    Style do's: Style with stud jewellery and enhance your elegance. 

    1. Banarasi saree

    Banarasi sarees are more accessible and remain a desirable addition to every woman's wardrobe, akin to owning a luxurious history. You can fulfil your floral fantasies with several Nanarasi intricate sarees to achieve sartorial perfection. Be the showstopper in your Chhath puja occasion by flaunting your elegance in the Banarasi saree, draped with elegance.

    However, given how Bollywood heavyweights like Rekha, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, Vidya Balan, and Madhuri Dixit have recently flaunted the classic weave, it's no surprise that Banarasi silk sarees are back in style.


    Style do's:  Pair with dangling earrings and style your ensemble with a hair bun. 

    1. Tussar silk saree

    These sarees are the epitome of elegance. You can discover stunning sarees with Tussar weaves interwoven with shimmering designs. Tussar silk sarees exemplify the rich culture and tradition of the region with breathtaking versions of exquisite handloom work. This chic saree celebrates the traditional look and embraces your elegance during the festive season. It is a must-have in your wardrobe closet and achieves sartorial perfection.


    Style do's: Pair the ensemble with head jewellery and make a fashion statement. 

    1. Bandhani saree

    While Bandhani fabric is commonly used to make suits, dupattas, chaniya cholis, turbans, bags, and other garments, the saree remains the most popular Bandhani ensemble. Bandhani is a very auspicious festival, especially in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhani finds sacred associations everywhere, from weddings to festive pujas.


    Style do's: If you want to style your traditional silk sarees, Gajra buns are always the best option. Gajra buns go well with all types of bandhani sarees. It only takes a minute to make a Gajra bun; tie your hair neatly in a bun and accessorise with a Gajra.

    1. Crepe sarees

    Crepe sarees have a graceful drape that few other fabrics cannot match. It is a lightweight fibre that is one of the most absorbent and stretchy, giving the wearer a slimming appearance. Crepe fabric has a crisp and crumpled feel and a graceful fall, giving all designs a chic contemporary edge. Flaunt this saree at your Chhath puja, and flaunt your exuberance.


    Style do's: Style this ensemble with colourful matching jewellery and become the showstopper. 

    Our Sarees Hold a Timeless Charm 

    Exquisite fancy sarees worth shopping for festive occasions are a must-have in your wardrobe! Dress to the nines in this sartorial masterpiece and flaunt this festive season. Our designer sarees for women are made of luxurious fabric with lovely floral hand-painted patterns. Style it with minimalistic jewellery and take your fashion game top-notch!

    Tips on how you can maintain your sarees

    • Refold silk sarees from time to time to avoid fading on the creases.
    • Opt for dry cleaning only, as these materials need to be handled with utmost care
    • Hand Wash gently and allow the water to drip.
    • Only hang them for a short time, as they might lose shape.

    Wrapping Up

    Enter the room wearing one of our stunning sarees for Chhath Puja and dazzle everyone with your amazingly calm elegance. Inquire right away to purchase Ambraee's elegant sarees. If you add items from the current season to your closet, they will appear newer. Ambraee now offers a fantastic saree collection. Stay tuned!

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