16 Holi Outfits And Styling Ideas To Look Vibrant And Vivacious!

Holi Outfits And Styling Ideas

The vibrance of spring and the season's festivity are almost on the pink horizon. Holi, the revelry of colours, is by far the most loved and awaited festival, which is celebrated with all glory and grandiosity in India and across the borders. The air and streets are tainted in myriad hues, and to top it all, the traditional cuisine from all different regions and cultures conjures up our appetite. Another central component of this festival is the Holi outfits. We all love going for an extended sartorial haul to serve our graceful presence at countless get-togethers and parties. Your reaching this far in this fash-digest is a confirmation for us that you would love to dive deep into our curated collection of ethnic wear for women featuring holi outfit ideas, and we would be honoured to serve you the best. But before we move any further into this colourful jaw, let's start with the roots of the festival of colours.

Roots of Reverence:

Holi is a sacred Hindu festival, and its roots can be traced back to the 7th century in the Puranas. It is said that the festival originated at the Prahladpuri temple, which is currently located in the city of Multan. There are a couple of stories behind the festival stated in the scriptures. The first story is of Lord Vishnu in the Narasimha avatar protecting his devotee Prahlad from the wrath of the vile demons Hiranyakashipu and Holika. The second story is about Lord Krishna and Radharani celebrating and cherishing their bond of divine love with smears of vivid hues and a spray of spring blooms. Holi marks the beginning of spring and is celebrated on the last full moon of the Hindu lunisolar calendar month Phalguna, which usually falls in March or late February as per the Gregorian calendar. The two-day festivity includes Holika Dahan, or Choti Holi, which is celebrated by alighting a sacred bonfire commemorating the victory of good over evil, and then comes the most-awaited Holi, or Dulhandi or Dhuleti, which is celebrated with much vigour and glory. This year, the festivity will be marked on:

24th of March'24 Sunday: Holika Dahan or Choti Holi

25th of March'24, Monday: Holi

So pencil in the calendar and start your preparations before a month to avoid last-minute hassles. Be it the holi outfits, the decor, or the scrumptious platter, a party lover and lovely hostess like you do need a lot of planning to make her festivity a memorable one!

Hues of Holi:

We are all aware that Holi is the celebration of myriad colours. We mark the merriment and festive fervour by smearing our loved ones in a galore of vibrant hues. Do you know that each colour has its own importance and has a deep meaning? Whether you choose to wear a holi outfit in one of these colours or apply them to your kin, it's imperative and equally fun to know the word and sense behind these hues. Let's have a look at them one by one:

Pink: The in-bloom hue captures the soft essence of love and passion. Whether you choose to smear the hue on that special someone or wear it for the festivity, we are sure that you'll be the epitome of elegance and beauty.

Yellow: The hue is a signifier of joy and new beginnings. Immerse yourself in the smears of this bright hue while you saunter to that happening mixer. Make sure you look your vibrant best wearing a yellow-hued holi special dress.

Blue: The colour embodies the virtues of abundance, serenity, and tranquility. Smear them or wear them; we'd love to see you going all blue!

Green: The hue celebrates nature and the virtue of rejuvenation. This holi makes this hue a mega trend by smearing and wearing it with grace.

Orange: The charming hue stands for vitality, strength, and vigour. This iconic hue is very much trending in the sartorial charts, so we suggest you pick your holi traditional dress washed in a tangerine palette.

Quick fixes to Swear by!

We thought of enlisting a few tips and tricks for our good-hued read! Not only will they keep your festivity away from any hassle, but they will also add an extra touch of fun. It's very important to take safety measures for a mega festival like Holi when we all take a maximalist route of fun and frolic celebration. Remember, fun and safety are BAEs, and one should never tear them apart coz' then there's a price to pay, and we would avoid that in any case. So carefully go through our few hacks and add extra charm to your celebratory affair.

- Make sure you are picking herbal colours and not synthetic ones, as they might cause an adverse reaction to your skin and scalp.

- Holi is a festival that has an elaborate platter with an irresistible cocktail menu; do binge upon them cautiously. Make sure you do not overdo it and know when to stop eating and spilling the booze!

- If you are attending an extravagant Holi soiree, make sure you moisturise your skin and oil your hair beforehand. Not only would your skin and hair be protected, but the colour would also come out without any hassle.

- When it comes to the sartorial lane, wear your favourite Holi outfit and do not worry about the stains. You can always use some handy washing tips or get it dry-cleaned.

- Watch out for your boundaries, and make sure you are in a safe space with trustworthy friends. Even if events take a south turn, reach out for help. Keep your devices fully charged, and make sure you keep the contacts on whom you count on the speed dial.

These quick fixes have been jotted down because we care for you, and we truly want you to enjoy your festivity and make tons of memories. Now let's head straight to the sartorial alley with mind-blowing Holi outfit ideas.

The Holi Outfits Alley at Ambraee:

At Ambraee, we are stacked with a tasteful and hueful array of Holi dresses ideas varying from different silhouettes to colours, designs, and much more. Holi haul is a mandate shopping that we all do each year, and we do go overboard with splurging. When it comes to sartorial shopping, be it a Holi traditional dress or a contemporary one, we do not settle for anything less than we deserve. We are here to stand true to your expectations with our splendid Holi festival traditional clothing and contemporary counterparts. Both our casual and traditional dresses for Holi are crafted from treasured fabrics and washed in rich festive hues. Not only this, but the Holi special dress you'd pick would be elevated with the master stroke of refreshing design elements, which include a statement neckline, sleeves, a comfortable fit, and flare. Our edit of Holi dress ideas is beaded with handcrafted embroidery and prints, which are a contemporary rendition of age-old craftsmanship. Each of our Holi outfits is an echo of our cultural glory and charm, woven with finesse and love. Below, we have curated a capsule collection for you as per the different silhouettes that can be worn for different Holi festivities. We have also attached style spells, as usual, to help you compile an awe-inspiring look in our Holi festival traditional clothing and casual ones. Scroll through to immerse yourself in a colourful fashion read featuring enchanting Holi outfits.

Holi Outfit Ideas ft. Splendid Anarkali Suit Sets for Scrumptious Holi Lunch:

All set for a scrumptious Holi lunch in your exquisite clothes for the Holi festival? We can already get a whiff of gujiyas, dahi bhallas, lassi, and biryani, and now we have lost count! For this celebratory affair, ditch the conventional white kurta for Holi and rather don something from our Anarkali collection. The silhouette provides an extra dash of elegance and flair. Scroll down to explore our edit of Holi outfits featuring opulent Anarkali suit sets.

 Trendy ivory self-embroidered suit set for a fashionable and eye-catching ensemble

The Pristine Ivory:

Woven in Chanderi weave, this self-embroidered Anarkali ensemble is elevated by sheer accents and a contrasting dupatta. Explore this pristine holi outfit now.

Style Spell: Traditional Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Contrasting Bindi

Elegant pink suit set adorned with charming floral motifs for a delightful look

Hues of Spring Bloom:

This beautiful Kalidaar Anarkali suit set is crafted in plush chanderi weave bearing ambrosial floral print and sheer accents layered with gota elements. This pink Holi outfit is a total steal; explore it now!

Style Spell: Traditional Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Contrasting Bindi

Holi Outfits ft. Graceful Straight-fit Suit Sets for Holi Office Party:

Holi revelry is fulfilled by a blast at an office bash. It's the time when you and your colleagues bond over colours, food, and maybe some boozy juice! Make sure you etch a memory for a lifetime in a splendid outfit for Holi. Now, do not fret over the question of 'holi festival what to wear' especially at an office event. There's always a chance to slip from going not overboard to actually being way too overdressed! We do have a fix for the situation—you can swear by our straight-fit suit sets with minimal and contemporary accents woven in sumptuous weaves. Scroll down to explore.

Modern suit set in off-white adorned with beautiful floral-vine designs for a trendy appearance

The Tulip Accent:

Enwrap yourself in the magical hues of Holi in this charming suit set woven in chanderi with contrasting floral print notes and a gota accent. This Holi outfit is teamed with a statement pair of bottoms with a tulip-cut hem. Explore now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Kolhapuris

Elegant magenta suit set adorned with intricate Gota work for a traditional touch

Shades & Layers of Magenta:

This Holi outfit is the best rendition of a magenta-hued ensemble beaded with gota adornments. Ace your look in this tissue-woven suit set for your office celebratory gala.

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Mojaris

Holi Outfit Ideas ft. Stunning Sharara Suit Sets for Starry Holi Dine-in:

Festivals are known to bring loved ones and families together under one roof with a typical dine-in celebratoryscape! We tend to make those precious memories between delectable platters, chitters, and chatters. Grace, such an event with a charming and a little exquisite something from our edit of traditional outfits for Holi featuring an array of stunning sharara suit sets. These holi outfits for women are crafted in luxe weaves beaded with age-old craftsmanship. Scroll down to explore this edit of Holi outfits for women now!

Modern green sharara set with traditional Bandhej designs and contemporary sequin accents

The Gleam of Verdant Bandhej:

Celebrate the festival of colours in this bright, verdant holi outfit in a splendid sharara silhouette. This noteworthy ensemble is woven in muslin and is adorned with time-honored Bandhej print tale and gota adornments. Explore now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Bindi

Fashionable purple Kalidaar sharara set embellished with elegant Tamba work for a chic ensemble

The Magnolious Purple:

Exhibit every bit of regal appeal in this tissue-woven Holi outfit with tamba accents. This stunning sharara suit set washed in a purple palette is elevated with a short kalidaar kurta and statement bottoms. Explore now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Potli Bag

Holi Outfits ft. Sublime Kurta Sets for Holi Mixer:

The high-end festival mixer soiree is charting mega trends. We are sure you will be attending a few yourself. We would suggest you ditch the conventional kurta for ladies and embrace a contemporary rendition. Our holi outfit for women attending an elaborate mixer features kaftan silhouette kurta sets with plush accents. Scroll down to explore this line-up of Holi outfits for women now!

Elegant off-white kaftan set adorned with delicate foliage prints for a graceful look

The Glister of Contrasting Foliage:

Glisten bright in this holi outfit featuring a kaftan kurta set woven in tissue silk. This contemporary ensemble is emblazoned with contrasting foliage prints and a gota accent.

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Clear Heels

Graceful pink kurta set adorned with intricate Tamba work detailing for a stylish appearance

The Gleam of Pink:

Shine on into the kaleidoscope of joyous hues donning this Holi outfit in pink, woven in tissue silk. This contemporary ensemble is adorned with an artisanal tamba accent. Explore this kurta sets for women now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Bracelets

Holi Outfits ft. Dressier-Dresses for Holi Potluck Soiree:

Potlucks are an opportune event where we get a sneak peek into our bunch's culinary prowess. No judgement here, and only a celebration of the efforts and delectable munch-ins. For the sartorial pick, we would suggest an assorted dress for holi party. You can go with our Kaftan maxi dress for holi festival. Our silhouette is elevated with master strokes of drapery elements and trendy print tales beaded on plush weaves. Scroll down to explore now!

Modern mustard kaftan with trendy blurred chevron patterns

The Chevron Case in Mustard:

Pick this outrè holi outfit with draped accents to ring into the revelry. This gajji silk weave kaftan maxi dress highlights an all-over blurred chevron notes and a flattering neckline. Explore the outfit now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Sling Bag

Trendy sage green kaftan with a minimalist aesthetic for a contemporary vibe


Spruce up for the hue-ful gala in this tissue silk holi outfit washed in the shade of sage green. This kaftan maxi dress is elevated with minimal gota accents and a flattering high slit.

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Heels

Holi Outfits ft. Chic Co-ord Sets for Holi Theme Party:

Have you booked tickets for the open-air Holi bash? Of course, you have! Who would miss a gala of a lifetime where eponymous music maestros are live with their groovy Holi remixes where one can't resist breaking a leg or two! For this mega event, we suggest you pluck our chic co-ord sets from our edit of outfit ideas for Holi. Woven in gajji silk weave with snazzy print tales, these silhouettes are the pick for the grandiose celebration. Scroll down to explore!

Stylish black chevron print kaftan set with a blend of sophistication and contemporary flair

Charmed & Kaftan-ed:

Charm your way to the vibrant festivity in our gajji silk co-ord set with a chevron accent. This Hiki outfit is further elevated with a zipped yoke slit placed at the centre of the top. Explore the statement ensemble now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Flats

Stylish black shirt set adorned with charming polka dots for a timeless ensemble

The Polka Galore:

Pluck this polka-co-ord ensemble for the spirited gala. This holi outfit is woven in gajji plush silk weave; explore the outfit now!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Flats

Holi Outfits ft. Sumptuous Sarees for Holi Evening Get-together:

The evening galas are the mainstay of the Holi celebration, where all our loved ones and family members gather under a roof and carry out the tradition of smearing gulal and enjoying the traditional platter. To grace the ceremony, we'd suggest you pick our special saree for Holi festival. We have curated a collection, and we deliberately skipped the white saree for Holi because it's way too mainstream and we wanted you to embrace experimentation. Below, we have presented a couple of sublime drapes. In case you are looking for a yellow saree for Holi festival, we insist you browse through our saree collection on our website now!

Graceful mint green Chanderi saree with intricate detailing for a stylish appearance

The Merry & Mint Drape:

Step into the sartorial limelight in this chanderi drape with an all-over print tale. Experiment with this holi outfit and compile an impeccable festive look.

Style Spell: Oxidised Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Kolhapuris

Vibrant hot pink saree adorned with intricate Tamba work for a traditional touch

Luminescence of Pink:

Pull off a gram-worthy look in this tissue-woven drape in pink, emblazoned with tamba accents. Play with the draping style and add some contemporary pieces, like an overlay, to ace this Holi outfit.

Style Spell: Traditional Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Block Heels

Holi Outfits ft.Vibrant Lehengas for an Elaborate Bollywood-Theme Party:

Are you a film fanatic and love doing everything in sappy Bollywood style? Well, we'd further encourage you for your super elaborate choice. We surmise you'd pick an ethnic wear for Holi in Bollywood style. Your Holi festival outfit would be a Lahenga ensemble, without a doubt. Below, we have presented a couple of twirl-worthy and sway-happy lehengas elevated with statement choli and palatial accents woven on treasured weaves. Scroll down to explore.

Modern turquoise lehenga set with traditional Gota work designs

Twirl In Teal:

Steal the hearts in this impeccable chiffon-weave lehenga ensemble washed in a vibrant shade of teal. This tiered holi outfit is elevated with a statement choli and kaccha gota accent.

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Contrasting Bindi

Fashionable green lehenga set in a vibrant hue, highlighted by elegant floral patterns and Gota work

Trinkets & Tassels:

Look like a dream in this sartorial marvel woven in premium muslin fabric. This lehenga ensemble is beaded with gota accents and tassels. Explore this must-have Holi outfit now!

Style Spell: Minimal Accessories + Dewy Make-up + Statement Block Heels

The Reign of Vibrant Holi Outfits at Ambraee:

As our good read is nearing its conclusion, we insist you dive deep into our collective of ethnic wear for women. As there is so much to heart and cart, for example, our edit of the kurta set for women is a class apart. Also, our issue of the suit set for women is known to make a statement of its own. Not to forget, our collection of dresses for women is all you'd need to binge in for your vacays and getaways!

Coming back to our line-up of Holi outfits, they are carefully curated and handpicked for you. Our seasoned designers have given their best as per the latest trends and beyond. We'd be super honoured to be a part of your Holi memoir. Also, we'd be elated to feature you on our social media platforms as #museofambraee, so do not forget to mention us. We'd be waiting to post all our awws and hearts to your gram-worthy and colourful posts featuring the vibrant you and your hueful celebration. We wish you a very happy and safe Holi.