10 Trending Janmashtami Dress for Ladies

10 Trending Janmashtami Dress for Ladies

What is Janmashtami? 

India offers a wide variety of celebrations, with each region having its own unique style of commemorating important events. 

One of the most well-known Hindu deities, Krishna, was born on the day of the Krishna Janmashtami festival. His estimated birth year is 3228 BC.

His birthday is observed eight days after Raksha Bandhan, a celebration honouring sibling relationships. It occurs in Sravana, a Hindu month that usually coincides to August or September. The two days of festivities are filled with vigour and enthusiasm. This festival was also known as Krishna Janmashtami, Sree Jayanti, Gokilashtami, and Srikrishna Jayanti by the people.

The spirited and vibrant celebrations require song, dancing, and drama to be successful. Plays are performed in which episodes from Krishna's early life are acted out. Images of Krishna are bathed and laid in cradles at temples as bells are rung, and the shankh (conch shell) is blown. Additionally, sacred mantras are spoken in his honour.

The majority of Hindus believe in a supreme god, whose attributes and manifestations are symbolised by the myriad deities that flow from him. According to popular belief, Vishnu, the second god in the Hindu trinity known as the Trimurti, is an incarnation of Krishna. Three gods make up the triumvirate, who are in charge of creating, maintaining, and destroying the universe. Brahma, the universe's creator, and Shiva, the destroyer, are the other two deities.

What happens on that day?

At midnight, when Krishna is said to have been born, celebrations begin.

After the puja, the daylong fast of the devotees is only broken with prasad. Breaking a fast is called as paran. People also engage in aarti, kirtan, and bhajan to commemorate Krishna's birth. Children sing songs about Lord Krishna throughout the event, while people dance to Dahi-Handi. In all Krishna temples, Lord Krishna receives bhog prasad in 56 various types. It is widely believed that Lord Krishna eats the bhog prasad that his followers had cooked when he arrives at midnight. 

Some Hindus choose to sing bhajans, or traditional Hindu melodies, instead of falling asleep during the festivities. Since milk and curds are said to have been Krishna's favourites, meals are typically made with them on Janmashtami. On the first day of Krishna Janmashtami, some Hindus opt to fast all day and night before breaking their fast at midnight.

A Krishna idol is placed in a cradle and worshipped on the day of Krishna Janmashtami, which is filled with excitement. As prasad, the Lord receives offerings of butter and sugar.

Another ceremony known as Dahi Handi is held, in which participants create a human pyramid and break an earthen pot that has been hung at a height and contained butter and curd.

What is the role of Women in Janmashtami? 

Men take part in the Dahi Handi celebrations as children dress up as Krishna, Radha, and other deities in preparation for Krishna Janmashtami. Women have a fantastic opportunity to wear their best Janmashtmi attire at the celebration. Thus, many look up questions like "what colour should I wear on Janmashtami" and "Janmashtami clothing ideas for women" online. Therefore, whether you're searching for the answer to the first or second question, we have you covered. Let's begin by deciding which colour you ought to don for the Janmashtmi festivities. 

The finest way to celebrate Krishna Janmashtmi is to dress in a yellow Janmashtmi attire. Another name for Lord Krishna is "Pitambar" (the one who wears yellow color). Additionally, Lord Krishna radiates a divine aura that is bright and yellow in colour, making him as happy and optimistic as the rising sun. As a result, Hindus dress in yellow to celebrate Krishna since it perfectly suits his nature.

Are you ready for the upcoming Janmashtami festival with your yellow Janmashtami attire? If not, our chosen Janamashtmi dress ideas for women are here to help you choose the ideal yellow ethnic attire. 

What are the Janmashtami outfits for ladies this year? 

There are various outfits that you can try to stand unique for Krishna Janmashtami celebrations. Here are 10 outfits that you can try this year. 

1. Yellow Cape Handpainted Suit Set


This Yellow Cape Handpainted Suit Set is one to give you a happy summer with its gathered semi-sheer georgette full sleeve jacket over cotton straight pants and a cotton strappy bustier for a daily finishing touch. 

Styling tip: It becomes a unique costume for any event when worn with a Handpainted Organza Dupatta, specially for occasions like Janmashtami.

2. Yellow Doria Suit Set


This Yellow Doria Suit Set from Ambraee, with its spinning, flared kurta and noodle straps with exquisite flower tassling in contrast border is set to get you through the summer. As you move around in it, this stunning Kota Doria charm in vivid yellow will make your day brighter. It includes a dupatta with hand-painted flowers and a churidar.

Styling tip: With this salwar suit, you can adorn a statement jewellery piece.

3. Yellow Multicolor Lace Suit


This stunning yellow suit set with multicoloured ties is perfect for any occasion. This suit set is a wardrobe need because of its vivid yellow hues, timeless craftsmanship, and elegant dupatta. With attire made from rayon fabric and lovely flare to showcase during every festive season, we are commemorating the heritage crafts of Ambraee! 

Styling tip: A statement neckpiece or a jhumka set can create an impression with this suit. 

4. Krisha Yellow Sharara Set


For a festive and exotic appearance, we advise donning the Krishna yellow sharara ensemble. This collar stands out due to its vivid colour contrast and festive aspect created by the placement of the gota in the front cut pattern. There is a frilled sharara with gota and lappa at the bottom. Have a yellow chiffon dupatta that matches your outfit and has gota lines. It looks wonderful.

Style tip: Accessorize this salwar suit with a bold piece of jewellery.

5. Yellow Floral Suit Set


This fashionable yellow floral suit set is a lot of fun to wear. The suit set includes a flared-hemmed yellow floral-printed kurta, printed straight pants with elastic waistbands, and a doria dupatta with gotta lace trimming on the ends. Add some cheap jewellery to it for a stylish effect.

Styling tip: When paired with a Handpainted Organza Dupatta, especially for celebrations like Janmashtami, it transforms into a one-of-a-kind costume for any occasion.

6. Yellow Chanderi Cutwork Suit


A gorgeous patchwork dupatta matched with yellow and white chanderi clothes. The kurta has a wonderfully elegant appearance because to the hand-made tassels and buttons. This Kurti is worn with white chanderi pants that include self-sequence embroidery. We made a very beautiful dupatta out of patchwork, and cutwork was the finishing touch.

Styling tip: A statement neckpiece or a jhumka set can create an impression with this suit.

7. Gold Foil Suit Set


This outfit consists of a kurta, a pair of pants, and a dupatta. 3/4-length sleeves and a dori with Tassels on the back are features of a pink gold-foiled cotton kurta. An excellent outfit for festivals and events, as well as the workplace.

Styling tip: With this salwar suit, you can adorn a statement jewellery piece.

 8. Mango Gold Foil with Duptta


This mango gold foil set with dupatta is both modern and timeless. Simplicity is the height of sophistication. Dress up in this lovely gota-worked yellow ethnic dress and gorgeous dupatta. Wear it with a neat hairdo, a small tan bag, drop danglers, and soft moccasins. 

Styling tip: A statement neckpiece or a jhumka set can create an impression with this suit.

9. Olive Doria Dupatta Suit


This mulmul-made top is olive yellow and exudes a feeling of freshness. It has long sleeves with pink-colored piping and a v-neck. It includes white shawl with pink and green floral patterns and yellow palazzo trousers. This suit will look amazing with traditional jhumka earrings.

10. Pitah Kalamkari Suit


This Pitah kalamkari suit set will help you make a stylish statement. Don't forget the silk kalamkari dupatta as you rule the day in this suit set, which has a round neckline. This gorgeous suit set and embroidered collar will add some flair to your collection of ethnic clothing.

Styling tip: Pair this suit with gold jewellery to make a fashionable statement. 

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