Top 10 Trending Lehenga Designs To Try This Year

Top 10 Trending Lehenga Designs To Try This Year

Introduction - The Dress that Every Woman Loves

Lehengas have always been women's first choice when looking for a traditional ethnic wear. Times have changed, and modernism has influenced most of our lifestyle, yet the craze and love women have for lehengas and other gorgeous attires have never faded. In fact, its popularity has only grown over the years, be it among wedding brides and bridesmaids or other women who look for dresses to wear for parties or other festive occasions. 

One of the main reasons women love lehengas is because it looks elegant yet gives you a casual and youthful vibe. It suits all body types and can be worn by anyone regardless of age and size. It gives women a feminine and sensuous feel and accentuates their curves, making them look lean and tall. 

Lehanga Styling Tips

All women love to wear lehengas. But doesn’t it get boring to wear them in the usual style? Here are some of the styling tips you can use to add a touch of creativity to your lehengas. 

  • Wear a different blouse

  • You can try wearing a different blouse for your lehenga skirt. Try a blouse that contrasts with the lehenga. For eg, try a red, blue or other bright-coloured blouses for your white lehenga skirt.

  • Wear a shirt instead of a blouse

  • You can try pairing your skirt with a shirt instead of a blouse. Silk or satin shirts will suit the lehenga better. Using a brooch or other accessories on the shirt will add style to your outfit.

  • Style your dupatta

  • Try different ways of draping your dupatta. If you have a long and heavy dupatta, you can try draping it like a sari or in a simple Anarkali or lehenga style.

  • Look slim and lean in a lehenga:

  • Choose the perfect cut for your lehenga skirt if you aim to look slim and tall. Having more kalis in your long skirt will add more volume to the bottom part of the skirt, making you look taller and your waist slimmer. 

    Top 10 Trending Lehenga Designs to Try this Year

    1. Flared lehengas

    Flared lehengas or circular lehengas are the most common type of lehenga that many women love to buy. The beautiful flare at the bottom gives a conventional and ethnic vibe. While the blouse can be of any design, the main attractive feature of this type of lehenga is the skirt which has a circular hem which flares at the bottom. Flared lehengas come in various designs, such as

    • Layered full flared lehenga
    • Sequin embellished lehenga
    • Full flared banarasi lehenga
    • Full flared mirror work lehenga
    • Chikankari lucknowi lehenga

    The flare of the lehenga depends upon the number of kalis present in a lehenga. A full-flared lehenga can have up to 24 kalis. The number of kalis you can have in your lehenga is based on the type of fabric used, your waist size and the weight of the lehenga. The narrower the waist and the lighter the lehenga, the more kalis you can have.


    2. A-line lehengas

    Next to flared lehengas, A-line lehengas are the ones that are the most popular among girls. As the name suggests, A-line style lehengas are cut and designed in a way that resembles the letter A. The skirts of these lehengas have a smaller circumference at the bottom compared to flared lehengas. This type of lehenga accentuates your curves and gives you an elegant yet modern look. 

    These lehengas are suitable for functions like sangeet, Haldi or other family events that require less tradition and more fun. A-line lehengas are the best choice if you are looking for a lehenga that looks traditional but also has a touch of modernity.


    3. Indo-western style lehengas with jacket

    The go-to type of lehenga for you if you are looking for an elegant yet chic look. If you are going as a guest to a wedding or other functions that require you to wear traditional dresses, you can try this type of lehenga. 

    This lehenga comes with a jacket which you wear over your blouse. Since only the front part of the blouse is visible, you can have a sleeveless or strap sleeve for your blouse. Having contrasting colours for your jacket and your lehenga gives it a stunning look. Embroidered jacket looks awesome with flared lehengas. It gives your outfit an elegant finish.


    4. Anarkali lehengas

    Anarkali lehengas are a forever favourite and classy choice for women. It is a beautiful blend of the classic anarkali kurti and the lehenga dress, where the blouse and the skirt of the lehenga are stitched together. 

    It has a fitted bodice on the top, and the skirt flares at the bottom. The anarkali lehenga can have a varying number of kalis ranging from 8, 16, to even 32 kalis according to your preference. You can choose an A-line or umbrella cut for your skirt. 

    Anarkali lehenga is a style that will never go out of fashion. It is suitable for all types of functions from weddings, banquets or parties.


    5. Bridal lehengas

    If there is a type of lehenga that has never gone out of style, it is the bridal lehenga. It is the classic choice that many brides choose to wear even now. Although the colour, designs and work patterns have changed over time, the style remains the same. 

    Bridal lehengas might be the heaviest among all other types of lehengas. So obviously, the work done on it will be huge. The popular colours for these bridal wear would be red, white, maroon, green and blue, among other colours.


    6. Kurti style lehengas

    The name itself is quite explanatory. Kurti lehenga is the perfect mix of a kurti top that is paired with a beautiful lehenga skirt. If you want to go creative with your regular kurtas, you can match it with a fitting lehenga skirt and a dupatta (optional). 

    Tip to wearing the perfect kurti lehenga: when wearing a kurti lehenga, make sure that either the kurta or the lehenga skirt is abundant in design. If you wear a designed kurta, go for a simpler skirt and if you wear a simple kurta, try wearing an embellished lehenga. This will add more style and class to your outfit.


    7. Layered lehengas

    Layered or ruffled lehengas, as the name suggests, have many layers of fabric on the skirt, forming a beautiful flare from the top of the skirt to its bottom. It is a perfect combination of the Indian lehenga and the western gown, where the traditional lehengas are modernised by adding multiple layers of fabric.

    It is the best dress you can wear for parties and banquets. It gives you a chic and feminine look. You can also pair it with a ruffled dupatta of the same material.


    8. Asymmetric lehengas

    While layered lehengas are a mix of modern in traditional, these asymmetrical lehengas are a mix of traditional in modern. This attire gives you the perfect indo-western vibe. The uneven layer of fabric over the lehenga skirt gives you a modern and chic look.

    Since the lehenga skirt has a modern look to it, you can pair it with a blouse that is more western. An off-shoulder, ruffled, halter or strap pattern blouse will be a perfect fit. You can also pair it with a dupatta of similar style and material.


    9. Printed lehengas

    Are you someone who gets jittery and anxious when looking at all the embellishments in a classic traditional lehenga? Then this printed lehenga is the perfect choice for you. Breaking the norm of having huge embroidery on the lehenga dress, this printed lehenga comes with gorgeous prints and minimal embellishments. 

    Floral prints are the most common type of prints in this lehenga. They are suitable for all occasions if you opt for stylish yet comfortable attire.


    10. Peplum style lehengas

    Peplum lehengas are on trend right now. It is the perfect pick if you wish to look contemporary in a traditional attire. This peplum blouse design is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. 

    The peplum blouse has a fitted bodice with a waistline that flares under the waist. It is super comfortable to wear, so you will not get any irritations even if you wear it for a whole day. It will be better to have minimal embellishments on the lehenga to give it a more contemporary and modern look.


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