15 Traditional Lohri Outfit Ideas to Spice Up Your Lohri Celebrations

Traditional Lohri Outfit Ideas to for your Lohri Celebrations

Hello Muses, We hope you are having snuggly and merry wintertime! Despite the chills of the wintry breeze, which are a little overbearing. But we do have a warm and cheery festivity lined up in Lohri, where the families come together to celebrate the harvest of the Rabi crop by alighting a sacred bonfire with offerings. Like every year, Lohri will be celebrated on the 13th of January'24, a day before Makar Sankranti. Sounds like the festivity is just ringing around the corner because it is! Have you aligned your ensemble yet? It is the right time to do so, and we are here to get into the details and nuances of this "Sartorial Situation" with our exquisite and bright Lohri outfit ideas. Red, pink, green, blue, and orange are the most preferred colors, and our edit of kurtas, lehengas, and suits for the Lohri function are washed in refreshing palettes of these hues. But before we move any further into solving the sartorial situation, let's get into a bit of trivia about the winter solstice festival.

The Revelry of Lohri:

The festival of Lohri falls in the month of Poh and is dated as per the solar part of the lunisolar Punjabi calendar. It is celebrated before the festival of Maghi. The midwinter celebration is mainly observed in North India, especially in Punjab, Haryana, Jammu, and Himachal Pradesh by the Dogra, Punjabi, Haryanavi, and Himachali communities. The celebration of Lohri begins with families coming together and rejoicing in the new harvest by setting up a sacred bonfire. The celebratory mainstays are:

- Savouring the festive food, which is sarson da saag with makkey di roti, jaggery, gajak, radish, and ground nuts.

- Dancing to the beats of dhol and performing gidda or bhangra.

- In the bright-hued Lohri suits, or lehengas.

- Collecting gifts and lots of blessings from loved ones.

Lohri Sartorial Section at Ambraee:

Soak up your spirit in our cheery and bright Lohri outfit ideas packed with a punch of finesse tailoring, artisanal weaves, and ornate accents. Our edit of Lohri traditional dresses for women features a wide array of silhouettes washed in the vivid hues of celebration. Each of our kurta sets for women, lehengas, or suits for Lohri function is emblazoned with gilded accents and time-honored print tales woven on an array of plush winter-apt weaves like tissue, muslin, velvet, and chanderi. Our marvellous design manipulation by our seasonal designers is something to look out for in each of our silhouettes from our line-up of Lohri festival traditional dresses. From flattering necklines to statement sleeves and ornate dupattas, our Lohri outfit ideas are a total steal of the season! Especially if you are a newlywed or a new mother, because the celebration would double, you do so in our exquisite Lohri suits, shararas, or lehenga sets. Also, do not forget to add layering to your ensemble. You can always pair an opulent velvet stole or shawl or even an ornate poncho with complementing accessories.

It's almost time now to start investing in Lohri outfits, as you do want to stand out with your awe-inspiring beaut and charm. Below, we have presented a spread of a carefully curated capsule collection featuring noteworthy Lohri outfit ideas in five different silhouettes. Browse through our webshop to get a full download of the collection. In case of any assistance or queries, do reach out to our customer care team, and we'd be happy to help you! Rest, enjoy the vivid sartorial read, and get inspired for an impeccable festive dress drill!

Lohri Outfit Ideas ft. Suit Patiala Da!

When it comes to picking a Lohri dress nothing can really beat a vivid suit patiala da! The fluttering gathers and pleats of the Patiala salwar, along with the knee-length kurta beaded with intricately embroidered notes, are what make every woman out there fall for the silhouette. A Salwar suit does earn some extra brownie points when it comes to zeroing in on dress for the Lohri function, as the ensemble captures the sartorial zeitgeist of the festival. Below we have put up a spread of scene-stealing salwar suits; scroll down to explore.

Trendy yellow embroidered suit set showcasing charming embellishments

The Vibrant Chanderi:

Gleam into our vibrant Chanderi salwar suit from our Lohri outfit ideas. Ornate with gota accents and statement salwar bottoms, this ensemble is a ten-on-ten for the festivity.

Style Spell: Teal Jhumkas + Mojari + Potli Bag + Shawl

Stylish red Kalidaar suit set with beautiful Gota embellishments.

The Rouge Glint of Kaccha Gota:

Crafted in plush cotton-mix weave, this rouge salwar suit from our Lohri outfit ideas is adorned with a kaccha gota accent. The noteworthy ensemble is teamed with a statement-flared short kurta and gathered salwar.

Style Spell: Silver Jhumkas + Mojaris + Bindi + Shawl

Stylish harshita suit set for a modern and coordinated look.'

Ornate, Bright & Beautiful:

Pretty up in our vibrant blue Patiala salwar suit from our Lohri outfit ideas. Encrusted with sequin and dabka notes, the ensemble is crafted in a plush weave of rayon silk. Totally a steal-worthy pick you should not miss out on!

Style Spell: Pink Jhumkas + Pair of Kolhapuris + Shawl + Bindi

Lohri Outfit Ideas ft. Sumptuous Shararas

Sharara has been a favourite choice as a Lohri dress for ladies since time immemorial. After all, what is not to love about the silhouette? The flowy sharara pants with flattering short kurtas enhance the dressing appeal of a woman. Shararas, by default, are a fail-proof ensemble that manages to secure a wow from the ton! Our spread of dresses for the Lohri celebration, featuring dainty Sharara suit sets with ornate embroidery and time-honoured print tales, awaits your attention. Scroll down to explore.

Sleek solid rose sharara set for a stylish and contemporary ensemble.

The Appeal of the Sublime Pink:

Bring your sartorial A-game to the vibrant revelry in our sublime pink sharara set, woven in palatial tissue weave. One of the dreamiest picks from our Lohri outfit ideas, this delicate ensemble truly embraces the celebratory spirit.

Style Spell: Pair of Chaandbalis + Ornate Heels + Magenta Shawl

Rust self-embroidered sharara set for a fashionable and eye-catching statement

The Melange of Artisanal Weaves:

Witness the most enchanting melange of time-honored weaves come alive in this rust ensemble from our Lohri outfit ideas. Crafted intricately in organza, chanderi, and Banarasi weaves, this self-embroidered sharara ensemble is the dream pick for the newlyweds at their first festivity with the new family.

Style Spell: Traditional Jewels + Bindi + Shawl + Mojaris

Graceful blue bandhej and sequin sharara set adorned with intricate details.

Regal Song of Bandhej:

Channel the hue of regal blue to the spirited festivity of Lohri in our sumptuous muslin suit set featuring the ornate lyre of Bandhej with sequin notes. The bright and cheery ensemble from our Lohri outfit ideas does stand out due to its flared short kurti and roomy sharara bottoms.

Style Spell: Pink or Oxidised Jhumkas + Mojaris + Shawl

Lohri Outfit Ideas ft. One-&-Done Kurta Sets:

If you are someone looking for something hassle-free yet exquisite, then our spread of Kurta sets would serve you right for the Lohri celebration. Our edit of these hassle-free ensembles is very much a part of Lohri traditional dress, as they are beaded with exquisite embroidery woven on an array of bright-hued weaves. Finessed with design manipulation marvels, our sartorial masterpieces are truly works of art. Opting for kurta sets does make the layering game simpler, as they are versatile and one can easily pair a shawl or stole. Scroll down to explore!

Elegant emerald green chanderi kurta set for a sophisticated and luxurious look

The Vivid Verdant:

Take a relaxed route to the magical festivity of Lohri in our vivid green kurta set woven in plush Chanderi weave. The versatile ensemble from the Lohri outfit ideas features minimalistic gota accents in a traditional jaali layout. You can replay this kurta set for various other festivities all year round.

Style Spell: Pair of Statement Jhumkas + Shawl + Pair of Kolhapuris

Stylish red Banarasi and Chanderi kurta set adorned with delicate and trendy details

The Spirited Red:

This newlywed apt ensemble is a hassle-free option for the brides who are debuting their festive look at their in-laws. Washed in the richest hue of red, this threaded gem is woven in plush weaves of chanderi and banarasi with all-over self-embroidered notes in jaali layout. This opulent kurta set can be replayed and restyled for so many occasions all year round.

Style Spell: Shawl + Statement Jhumkas + Potli Bag

Modern kurta set in pink with traditional Tamba work designs for a trendy appearance

The Pink Penchant:

Demonstrate the diva you are in our hot pink kurta set from our Lohri outfit ideas. Beaded with the enchanting touch of tamba embroidery on chanderi and banarasi weaves, this outfit is indeed wow-worthy!

Style Spell: Pair of Statement Chaandbalis + Mojaris + Shawl

Lohri Outfit Ideas ft. Flowy Anarkalis

Anarkalis are always picked by people with a high fashion and glam quotient! And we women would love to celebrate the first festival of 2024 with a sartorial masterpiece. Our edit of Lohri outfit ideas is brimming with enchanting Anarkalis with gilded accents and print stories beaded on vivid-hued plush waves. Adorned with the glint of kinari gota embroidery, our Anarkali suits for Lohri functions are the ultimate steal of the season. Scroll down to explore the twirl-worthy ensembles now!

Vibrant fluorescent Chanderi suit set for a bold and eye-catching look

The Glimmer of Stellar Hue:

Amp up your ethnic quotient for the vibrant revelry in our fluorescent Anarkali suit set from our Lohri outfit ideas. Woven in chanderi weave with a kinari-hemmed dupatta and flared solid kurta, this ensemble is a perfect pick for a cheery and hueful get-together.

Style Spell: Statement Chaandbalis + Mojaris + Shawl

Trendy red Kalidaar Chanderi suit set for a fashionable and eye-catching statement

Threaded Treasure in Red:

Do you have a penchant for reveling in red? If yes, then this Chanderi Anarkali suit set from our Lohri outfit ideas is your pick for the first festival of the year. Embedded with a minimal gota accent, this contemporary ensemble is curated to stir wow-worthy compliments that you will get to hear!

Style Spell: Statement Jhumkas + Bangles + Shawl

Trendy salmon Kalidaar tissue suit set for a fashionable and eye-catching statement

The Bliss of Salmon Pink:

Walk in elegance in our delicate kalidaar suit set from our Lohri outfit ideas, washed in the brightest palette of pink. Amped up with minimalistic accents of gota with kinari hemmed dupatta, this contemporary ensemble holds the full capacity to slide you right under the sartorial spotlight.

Style Spell: Statement Chaandbalis + Bindi + Potli Bag

Lohri Outfit Ideas ft. Extravagant Lehengas:

If you are newlywed or someone with an extravagant sartorial sense, our edit of feather-light lehengas might be the ultimate choice for the Lohri celebration. Our issue of the not-so-overwrought lehenga ensemble is adorned with arresting details featuring mythical print notes and charming gota accents woven on radiant-hued weaves. If you are zeroing in on a lehenga ensemble from our Lohri outfit ideas, make sure you ace the layering game to keep all snug while you pose all stylish and vogue! Scroll down to explore the artisanal lehenga collective now!

 Modern tissue lehenga set in a deep wine color, offering a classic and timeless appeal

The Sartorial Wine:

POV: You are the newlywed, and you are on the lookout for a lehenga set that serves the best of both worlds: comfort and elegance. Do so in our wine-hued lehenga set woven in tissue weave elevated with minimalistic adornments and design manipulation marvel. This one is truly a steal-worthy ensemble from our Lohri outfit ideas; do not miss out on it!

Style Spell: Statement Mathapatti + Jhumkas + Potli Bag + Shawl

Modern lehenga set in a serene pastel pink color, featuring trendy floral motifs

Mythical Florets in Bloom:

Make a sartorial statement in our prettiest pink muslin lehenga with gota accents and a mythical floral print tale. The sumptuous yet on-fleek ensemble from our Lohri outfit ideas appeals to the midriff-flossing trend, which we always fall for!

Style Spell: Contemporary Accessories + Shawl + Potli Bag

Modern lehenga set in yellow with traditional Gota work designs for a trendy appearance

Symphony of Gota & Tassels:

Set sartorial goals in our heavily gota-embellished lehenga set, washed in the brightest hue of yellow. With the fluttering chime of tassels and kinari embroidery, this enticing pick from our Lohri outfit ideas was curated to reign hearts and only hearts!

Style Spell: Contemporary Jewels + Potli Bag + Shawl

Browse Through the Best Lohri Outfit Ideas At Ambraee:

The numen of the Lohri revelry is filled with the warmth and cheer of our loved ones. The vivid celebration etches a memory that we hold for our lives. Getting the sartorial part right is one of the mainstays of a vibrant affair. Our edit of Lohri dresses for women is the only sartorial solution you should be considering, as they are curated with the utmost love and finesse. Our line-up for the festival features sumptuous lehenga choli for women, hassle-free kurta sets, flowy Anarkali, and much more. We cannot wait to feature you as #themuseofambraee on our feeds, capturing the charming you and your spirited festive moments with your kin and loved ones. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Lohri. Shine on and take care of yourself!