5 Top Trending Kota Doria Suit Sets This Summer Season

5 Top Trending Kota Doria Suit Sets This Summer Season

Level Up Your Fashion Game!

If you are looking for top-quality suits this summer season, then Kota Doria suits might be the one that might grab your attention. You can flaunt your royalness and poise with the Kota Doriya suit set. Read through the blog to unravel some stunning Kota Doriya suit sets that are an epitome of elegance. 


Many people worldwide want to order such an exquisite collection of salwar suits. You can purchase the finest and most genuine hand-block printed Kota Doria suits

The open weave method used in Kota Doria suits originated in the village of Kota; hence the art form utilized in the textiles mentioned above is known as Kota Doria. This kind of craftsmanship is extremely common in suits with Rajasthani designs.

Kota Doria suits have a delicate appearance; therefore, when thin and comfy materials are required, these kinds of solutions should be employed during the summer. 'Dori' originated from the Hindi word, which means threads. 

Evolution And Origin

The weavers who practiced Kota Doria were referred to as "Masuria" in Mysore, where it first gained popularity.

The weavers were subsequently introduced to Kota between the 17th and 18th centuries. This particular saree style gained enormous popularity and opened the path for the Kota Doria fabric, which later emerged as one of India's most fashionable materials.

Global Appeal 

With its particular form, Kota Doria has become one of the most well-liked Indian fabrics. Regarding prominence in fashion, Kota fabric is just behind khadi and other fabrics made in India, which are prominent globally.

Most Loved Brands- Your Wardrobe Must-Haves

1. Doria Angrakha Suit Set 

Doria Angrakha Suit Set

Spruce your wardrobe with this royal Doria Angrakha suit set, crafted from a breathable Doria fabric with straight pants. Club this suit set with a pair of high heels for a fabulous look. A soft muslin dupatta with an ash blue digital print completes the ensemble by adding a subtle pop of colour to add interest. A soft muslin dupatta with an ash blue digital print completes the ensemble by adding a subtle pop of colour to add interest. 

Emphasize your bellowing appearance by adorning Angrakha suit, poised with elegant mirror tasseling work, enhanced with a decorative touch. 

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2. Yellow Doria Suit Set 

Yellow Doria Suit Set

Your delightful brightness will look stunning with this yellow Doria suit set. This suit set is great for any occasion because it combines delicate artistry and pastel colourations. Don't forget to show off your Doriya Dupatta for an extra touch of charm.

With its whirling flared kurta and noodle straps with lovely flower tasseling in contrast border, our Yellow Doria Suit Set is ready to help you frolic your way through the summer.

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3. Gulabi Doriya Suit Set 

Gulabi Doriya Suit Set

When you wear our Gulabi doriya suit set, you will look gorgeous at any event. The lovely pink hues of the Kota doriya suit and Kota dupatta will bring out your poise side. The rose pink suit set is a must-have for your casual vibe wardrobe. For breezy summer occasions, this classy look is ideal.

It has lace details on the front and angrakha shapes with tie-up and tassels. Matched with identical solid straight pants and a Kota Doria dupatta with a detailed block print and pearl tassels

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4. Maroon Doriya Suit Set 

Maroon Doriya Suit Set

Elevate your fashion style with this classic Maroon Doriya suit set, and get ready for a chick look. Curated with the royal design, which features half sleeves, adorn this beautiful suit set and show your A-game.

Stylish and sophisticated, this three-piece suit set. This gorgeous green block patterned Kota- Doria dupatta goes well with the maroon cambric kurta's lovely mirror embroidered yoke and maroon solid cambric pants.

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5. Sheesha Lavender Doriya Suit 

Sheesha Lavender Doriya Suit

Get ready to flaunt a festive occasion with this lavish lavender doriya suit. It is an epitome of sophistication, poise, glamour and elegance. It is a teal-tiered kurta set with stunning embroidery paired with simple yet significant pants. 

Tailored in sartorial perfection, this dress features a schiffli waistband and tiered pattern. The outfit is teamed with a block pattern Kota-doriya dupatta with tassel accents to complete the look. It is a must wardrobe essential. 

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Season's Favourite- Keep Up With What's New!

You can pair heeled shoes with stunning dresses, like Kota Doria's, if you enjoy wearing them. Additionally, you could wear fashionable accessories like Kundan necklaces and bangles. With these genuine Rajasthani gowns, you can accessories with a variety of jewellery designs. 

The Kota Doria suits are amazing, and you will look stunning wearing them with statement necklaces. We have aesthetically pleasing designs, so women who care about style and fashion will undoubtedly find them appealing.