5 Unique Outfit Ideas for Karwa Chauth 2021

5 Unique Outfit Ideas for Karwa Chauth 2021

Festivals in most Indian households are a big celebratory occasion. Everyone likes to get dolled up, a happy mood is reflected everywhere and the whole family gets together to have a great time with each other! 

Karwa Chauth, however, is slightly different. Growing up in this culture, we are all familiar with the facets of this festival.

Every girl celebrates Karwa Chauth after she gets married as a way to pray for the well being of her husband. And this makes the festival very close to a woman’s heart, especially for the first few years after getting married. 

For the longest time, women in the first few years of celebrating Karwa Chauth would get dolled up in their bridal lehengas and wear a lot of jewellery.

While that is a beautiful theme on its own, we have some new and unconventional Karwa Chauth outfit ideas for the women who like experimenting and are looking at trying something new.   

A stunning saree to glorify the Indian look 

Yes, we know sarees are not that unconventional, but if you want to shift from looking just beautiful to looking absolutely royal, a silk saree is the right fit for the coming Karwa Chauth!

You don’t have to opt for a saree with a lot of work on it, just a dash of some handcrafted print would add to the appeal of your look. 

You can play around with the styling of the blouse - we recommend pairing the saree with a full-sleeved blouse, it’ll give you the perfect balance of decency and fashionable!

Don’t shy away from going extra on the accessorising front, after all, it’s Karwa Chauth! The one aspect that will be very significant for this specific festival is the colour of your saree- we recommend going for a red/ maroon colour to match the “bridal” vibe and look royal. 

Kalamkari Saree

Bring the Jaipur culture in with a leheriya lehenga 

Leheriya designs are without a doubt one of the favourites of women in Jaipur! The style dates long back and there are certain occasions where women across the country choose to wear Leheriya based suits and sarees.

But it’s safe to say that Karwa Chauth is not the ideal occasion for wearing Leheriya - because this design possesses a very subtle and simple mood. It’s the print that stands out, but it comes with minimalistic work. 

If you are someone who likes simplicity above anything but wants to imbibe the cultural vibe in your outfit - a leheriya lehenga is the perfect fit for you. It’s elegant, looks rich and gives a very soothing vibe. 

We recommend opting for a pink-hued colour for the lehenga to look very chirpy and don’t forget to be very mindful of your accessorising- the leheriya print is enough glamour for the simplicity you want from your outfit! 

Leheriya lehenga

An indo-western outfit for the fashion expert 

Speaking of unconventional ways to dress up for this Karwa Chauth, we obviously had to plug in some unique indo-western outfits! For all the newlywed brides who are experimental and want to go all out with their outfits, here’s something fun for you. 

A full-length dress (preferably flared), to give a western look and an embroidered jacket to add a portion of traditional, and you have a unique Karwa Chauth outfit for yourself!

There are multiple ways in which you can amplify this look - a tikka to add more Indian, a pair of heels and some fashion jewellery to accessorize with. 

You can buy the jacket and dress separately, although we recommend buying them as a set to ensure the combination looks flawless.

You can purchase such dresses from Ambraee Jaipur, just remember to go for bright colours to resonate with the vibe of the festival! 

Jacket dress

 A suit set for those who seek comfort 

Granted that there was a phase when women were opposed to wearing suits and western outfits had become everyone’s favourite, but it is safe to say that the good old days are back and the love for suits has returned!

Suits are the go-to choice for a plethora of occasions, a get together/ festival/ office/ or even in everyday life! Hence, wearing a suit for Karwa Chauth is not entirely an untouched subject, but you can tailor the kind of suit you choose to wear. 

Yes, we are talking about moving from the Anarkali sets and going for something more basic like a Kalamkari suit set. With the right embellishments of Gotta Patti and a hue of red, these suits will rock your Karwa Chauth look like nothing else!

We recommend keeping the accessories to the minimum, but it is totally at your discretion- don’t shy away from going extra if you feel like it! 

Full length suit

We’re sure that donning one of these unique outfits will help you rock this age-old festival and maybe keep your hunger pangs for the day at bay- but no promises! 

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