6 Ways to Style Traditional Kalamkari Suit Sets

6 Ways to Style Traditional Kalamkari Suit Sets

Kalamkari which literally translates to pen-worked is the art of using pen and natural dyes to create eye-pleasing prints. Born in the coastal region of Machilipatnam in Andhra Pradesh, it is one of those age-old hand printing techniques that is as labour-intensive as mesmerizing. This breathtakingly beautiful art took the ethnic fashion world by storm and etched its forever place into every woman’s heart as the surreal Kalamkari suits!

When it comes to fashion, women are complex creatures. Don’t get us wrong. Though classics like Kalamkari Suits Set for Women are timeless, ask a woman to wear the same sort of attire for EVERY extravagant occasion and we know she won’t sport it! That said, buying the latest designer Kalamkari suit set online or offline, every time something special pops up, is not very easy on the pocket too.

What if we say you can create a contemporary & classy look by simply tweaking your traditional Kalamkari Suit Set a bit? Killing two fashion birds with one stone, is it even possible? Sure, it is! Read on to know-how:

  1.  Jazz up with Jewellery:

    Kalo Peacock Kalamkari Suit Set

One of the easiest ways to breathe a new life into any Kalamkari Suit Set for Ladies is to layer it with statement pieces. A chunky necklace, a pair of dazzling chaandbalis, or a blingy ring, pick one from the lot or style it all together! An oxidized choker is what we would pair with our Kalo Peacock Kalamkari Suit Set, just saying!

  1.  The Drape Game:

    Beige Kalamkari Suit Set

What is the point of wearing a Kalamkari Suit with dupatta, if you don’t flaunt the dupatta? Especially when it as aesthetic as the one that comes with our Beige Kalamkari Suit Set - made in mulmul with a stunning mishmash of lotus, swan, and other traditional Kalamkari motifs.

Remember that if you want to be a head-turner, draping any Kalamkari dupatta the old-fashioned way is a definite no-no. To let its rustic charm flow, take the trend road and wrap the dupatta over both elbows or fold it off as a scarf.

  1.  Play with Silhouettes:

    Crimson Kalamkari Suit Set

Experimenting is the key to nail every Indian look. From A-Line to straight cut, make the innumerable kurta styles your best friend and you will be good! For instance, our Crimson Kalamkari Suit Set. Adorned with a V-neck, kali on the sides, and exquisite Gota Pati work, this Kalamkari suit set for women promises to be your knight in shining armour, literally!

If you are unsure of the currently trending chic-looking kurta silhouettes, explore our assortment of Kalamkari Suit Set For Ladies here to get your hands on the choicest one!

  1.  Be Rightly motif-vated!

    Green Kalamkari Suit Set

Are you someone who teams up Kalamkari Suit Set With Kalamkari Kurti, Pants & Kalamkari Dupatta? If yes, time to swap it for something that is more minimal.

The thing with indigenous prints is that, if you go overboard, the overall ensemble looks too busy. And if you keep it too low-key, it fails to fascinate the eyes. Understand that be it life or Trending Indian Designer Kalamkari Suit Set, balance is everything.

To accentuate the print’s poise, when wearing a kalamkari patterned dupatta, go solid with the kurta-pant set and vice versa.

  1.  Go Boho:

    Grey Kalamkari Suit Set

The so-called fashion police believe that Kalamkari Suit Sets for Women are meant for grand affairs only. Being pure preachers of mix and match, we say style it as you like it! In fact, combining Kalamkari with your everyday sartorial is the ultimate way to extract its truest value.

Stepping out for a brunch with your girls? Ditch the all-solid dress look. Thrown on a Kalamkari dupatta, accessorize with a shimmering bracelet and you are on a roll to create a sure shot style statement! Combine Kalamkari detailed anything, on everything, to let that blast of color and tint of ethnicity bring out the diva in you!

  1.  Bag it:

    Ways to Style Kalamkari Suit Set

Sometimes even when you cart the latest designer ethnic wear, it doesn’t ooze the aura as it should. Do not let this dull your spark. Just grab an embellished potli or envelope clutch and you are all set. Remember, the more the quirk on the bag, the higher will be your glam quotient!

Kalamkari is an extremely versatile print…The one you can almost never go wrong with and the one that demands to be in EVERY woman’s wardrobe irrespective of her taste!

Inspired by the countless ways in which you can style your Kalamkari Suits? Shop for Contemporary Kalamkari Suit Set Online For Women at Ambraee to slay each day with new looks and a new you!