7 Reasons To Wear Chanderi Suits

7 Reasons To Wear Chanderi Suits

For all those who think Indian ethnic wear is boring or requires a lot of effort, you probably still haven't tried chanderi suits. They are every Indian woman's wardrobe staple and come in handy whenever you feel like you have run out of clothes to wear.

In this blog, we have given you 7 reasons why chanderi suits should be on the top of your list for almost any occasion. 


Dressing up is an art not everyone can master. When it comes to Indian wear, the options are endless and versatile. Salwar suits have been the staple Indian wear for many women across the country. While it is a symbol of culture and heritage, it is also comfortable to wear the suits to almost any occasion. 

And if you consider salwar suits to be an all-time favourite, we are sure that a few chanderi suits are sitting comfortably in your wardrobe, waiting for you to pick them up and flaunt their beauty! 

But if you are still unaware of the benefits of owning a chanderi suit, this article is written just for you. And trust us, by the time you reach the end of the article, you will be busy scrolling through our website, looking for some of the best chanderi suits you can find!

7 Reasons to Wear Chanderi Suits

Here are 7 reasons why every fashion-loving woman must own a few sets of chanderi suits:

1. Authentic Indian Wear

Authentic Indian Wear


Did you know that chanderi gets its name from a town in Madhya Pradesh with the same name? The weaving tradition of chanderi has a strong cultural influence and is believed to have begun in the second century on the border between the states of Malwa and Bundelkhand.

With chanderi silk being found in prominent Indian mythologies and history, the fabric is a significant historical piece you must own! And especially if you're a lover of our country's tradition and culture, there's no better way to show it off than with beautiful chanderi suits.

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2. Endless designs and patterns

Endless designs and patterns - Wear Chanderi Suits


Chanderi comes in both silk and cotton. The salwar suits are intricately woven with different patterns, thread works, prints and designs, giving you multiple options to choose from. From simple daily wear to luxurious and grand party wear, chanderi suits come in all designs and looks, adding a bit of elegance to all outfits.

The handiwork is knitted into the fabric in various pleasant patterns, including geometric shapes, peacocks, traditional coins, and floral art.

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3. Affordable for all

Affordable for all - Wear Chanderi Suits


Though this might come as news to you, chanderi suits are actually quite affordable compared to other traditional silks and fabrics. If you're aware of the many authentic fabrics and their cost, you will know that it is pretty hard to find such rich silks at affordable prices. 

So what if it's the month's end? You can still splurge some money on this worthy investment!

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4. Classy look

Classy look - Wear Chanderi Suits


Chanderi fabrics are best known for giving a royal and classy look, making you stand out from the rest. Though it is easily accessible all over the country, the fabric's real essence and nature make it a unique pick. Woven with premium materials like hand-picked cotton, gold threads, and pure silk, chanderi is naturally regal in nature.

The next time you attend a festive event, make sure you don a stunning look with a splendid chanderi suit!

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5. Suitable to wear all year long

Suitable to wear all year long


The winter season is approaching! With chilly winds blowing off every time you step out of the house, it is almost impossible to dress fashionably. It doesn't look great to wear a shawl over your salwar suit for all the fancy events, right?

But don't worry, chanderi suits are here to rescue you from boring and heavy winter outfits. A full-sleeved, thick chanderi suit will keep you warm and comfortable during your winter adventures. 

And don't forget, the winter season always brings with it many festivities and parties. You know what to wear, right?

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6. Lightweight and wearer-friendly

Lightweight and wearer-friendly


Indian summers are exhausting, no matter what you wear. Especially in ethnic wear, most outfits turn out to be too heavy or sweaty, ruining the rest of your day. 

However, chanderi fabrics are designed to keep you warm and comfortable at all times. The material feels smooth against your skin and is breezy enough to keep you cool in the sweltering Indian summers. With a delicate texture and exquisite patterns, this is just another reason why chanderi is preferred by all. 

Make sure you choose a cotton suit for the summer!

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7. Fits any occasion

 Fits any occasion

Whether it's a day out with your friends or an important office meeting, chanderi suits have your back! As mentioned already, chanderi suits come in various designs and patterns. Due to their diverse variety and the many options, you can pick the perfect suit for almost any occasion you wish.

Grab a flowy, comfortable suit that makes you feel and look your best!

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Aren't these enough reasons why you should instantly head to our online store and buy yourself a chanderi suit set

As you read above, chanderi is a precious piece of Indian culture and history that has withstood the test of times to be popular even today. From casual to grand festive wear, chanderi suit sets can make you look dressed up and beautiful without putting much effort into your outfit. 

The next time you complain about having no outfits, remember to pick up this gorgeous piece of clothing from your wardrobe. And once you experience a day out in a chanderi suit, there's no going back as it would have already become your go-to choice!