8 outfits you cannot let go this festive season

8 outfits you cannot let go this festive season

Limbering up for some dance or whether you have been invited to attend a function, dressing up right for the occasion matters a lot. Not blending in the crowd by not being dressed right for the event or having to spend hours at a festival in uncomfortable clothes is the last thing that anyone would want. Do not worry we have got you covered for the seasons ahead, be it for the religious festivals like Diwali or Bhai dooj or festivals that signify new beginnings like New year.

These are eight outfits that have been handpicked for you which are a must-have in your wardrobe this season.

White and Blue Block Print Highlighted Suit Set

Well, there is always that time when we can’t seem to decide what to wear even when our wardrobe has more options than the nearby boutique. It is a dress that shows the craftsmanship of Block printing, paying homage to the skilled people involved in the process. The colour combination of this dress is bound to turn heads and get you a bag full of compliments, be ready to be the centre of attention and gather all the compliments.

White Stripe Blooming Dupatta Suit

The colour white is known for a lot of different properties around the world, depending on the cultural significance and the occasion a white outfit can be one of the most desired outfits that a woman can adorn. Definitely, festivals bring out positivity and liveliness, and you can add to it by putting on this particular combination. The white colour will have you spreading positivity all around, bringing calmness and purity. The blooming Dupatta signifying new life and adding the right amount of colour to your outfit with the colourful flowers is like the cherry on top of a cake without which the cake feels incomplete.

Teal Chanderi Blooming Kurta Set

Festivals have everybody in high spirits, people enjoying the beautiful occasions having scrumptious food dancing and enjoying life. All these calls for a dress that gives you the mobility that allows you to enjoy every moment comfortably. Festivals call for enjoyment and dancing and singing, and you sure want to be in something comfortable that allows you to be in the moment enjoying every bit of the festive essence. The minimalistic design of the outfit will leave you with nothing to worry about as you prance up and down showing off your moves as you get saturated with the festivity.

Peach Pintuck Angarakha Kurta Set

Not all occasions are about loud music and bright colours; some events call for subtle hues and softness. The Peach Pintuck Angarakha Kurta Set is a dress that is perfect for any such occasion that requires you to blend in with the quiet tone. Paired with matching accessories, this can be one of the most elegant dresses in your wardrobe. Not having to carry additional elements for the outfit, you can guarantee yourself some peace of mind as you soak in the festive surroundings.

Rama Floral Block Kurta Set

Floral prints are one must-have element in your wardrobe, I cannot stress this enough, but florals are lively and fresh and brighten the eyes just like a festival. A floral article of clothing alleviates your style taking you away from monotony and subtleness. You can match the festivity with the vibrant colours like a true fashionista when you have a floral dress on you like the Rama Floral Block Kurta Set from Ambraee. The high contrasting vibrant colours are what some festivals need, and you can be right on point with a floral kurta set making everybody around you look less colourful.

Yellow Daisy White Pants Kurta Set

Occasions call for you to dress up and while sophisticated dresses do make you look elegant, there is always a fear of wardrobe malfunction. This particular one lets you show off your body without having to worry about any wardrobe malfunction and being graceful at the same time. The colour combination is very refreshing for the eyes; it is merely a visual treat that is very appealing. Go out in style without having to give a second thought to your attire, feeling confident and poised like a diva. This outfit when adorned matches perfectly to all different occasions.

Pink Flamingo Hand Painted Saree

Sometimes It’s about the culture and being true to who you are, on religious occasions like Diwali; you need dresses with an ethnic look or a more traditional touch. Light up the festival celebration with this dress that has deep roots within the Indian culture and compliments you in the most beautiful manner.


Green Floral Maxi Dress

It is a dress for occasion when you want to dress up with something fresh and set new trends. It is an exquisite dress that is right for an event where you need to consider the required mobility. You can be on the dance floor, shaking your hips grooving to your favourite jam or be walking around the venue comfortably when the celebrations are over.