8 outfits you can't miss this Festive Season!

8 outfits you can't miss this Festive Season!

Diwali is the festival of lights and colours signifying the win of good over evil. This is the time when people dress up and celebrate life to share gifts and enjoy the festive mood—celebrated to honour the return of Ramachandra to Ayodhya after the long 14 years of exile and to defeat the king of Lanka. The customary exchange of gifts and preparation of delicacies is typical in households throughout the country. 

Festivals and occasions come once in a while, so you have to make sure that you look the best.

People love to dress up during this occasion and celebrate with their loved ones and click photos and post on social media, so it is natural for them to look for dresses that suit the occasion. An outfit matters a lot when it comes to your comfort and confidence so you should invest proper time in shortlisting ones that will suit you. The preparation for the festival includes a thorough cleaning of houses and shops as well as buying new clothes to dress up in, here are 8 outfits that you can't miss this Diwali.

  1. Iris purple suit: A suit is one of the most elegant ways to dress up during festivals as they are easy to carry, allowing you the flexibility to work at the same time. Purple has always been a royal colour, so it will also make you feel elegant, the suit flares from the waist down, adding to the design of the attire. Ambraee gives you many other options to browse through, and these are some of the top picks that have been shortlisted for you so that it becomes easier for you to select and settle on pieces that you finalize.
  2. Rosa Leheriya Lehnga: lehngas are never out of fashion, and you can never go wrong with a lehnga at festivals, you can pair your favourite articles of accessories to match the tone of the festival. A Lehenga is a suitable attire that can highlight your curves and give you a better silhouette and enhance your look.
  3. Ruby Georgette Suit: the bright red colour is the perfect choice for festivals, have this on, and you will undoubtedly steal the show wherever you go. It is one colour that is a must-have for you in your wardrobe, so do not miss out on this particular piece. 
  4. Orange Leheriya Suit: A simple yet elegant piece with a perfect balance between bright colour and plain white. The leheriya suit on top adds girth to your upper half so it the right piece for you if have a pear-shaped body. Details like these are designed with particular things in mind so that they suit your body type perfectly and make sure that you are highlighted at the right part. 
  5. White tier Hand-painted Suit: The hand-painted floral designs on the white tier suit will definitely have heads turning your way. The flowers break the monotony of the white background, making it more appealing. Tier dresses are always rich and attractive, so it makes them the perfect choice for occasions and festivals.
  6. Tracy Chanderi Suit: It allows you to highlight your curves and also the right choice if you are into necklaces. You can pair it with broad collar necklaces to elevate your look, the perfect way to get an excellent silhouette for a triangle or pear body shaped figure.
  7. Green polka suit: polka dots have seen a rise in fashion trends during recent times and are a classic print that never goes out of fashion. Many female actors have been seen sporting polka dots recently on their social media platforms. 
  8. Gris tier suit: Tier suits are classified by their overlapping layers of different lengths, all you need to do is see if this suits your body type and you are good to go. This has to one that you must choose to wear on festivals for those picture-perfect selfies that you can upload on the gram. Tier suits add depth to your persona with all these overlapping layers and keep the mystery alive, and you will be able to carry it with confidence no matter what your body shape is. 


These are the dresses that you should go through at least once so that you have good options to choose from. Festivals are occasional, and you cannot miss these times, so make sure that you are prepared well in advance for upcoming festivals. These are some of the best dresses for festivals and occasions during this time of the year.  The colour of your attire plays an important role depending on the event that you are a part of so choose wisely. Make sure that you have an idea of the materials being used so that you know what you are into when you receive the fantastic products that you shop online.