Accessories to amp up your festive look this season

Accessories to amp up your festive look this season

It’s the best time of the year and we are all jumping with joy to celebrate the ongoing festivities. Every festive day will account for countless picture sessions, so we need to make sure we are prepped up for that. Getting our looks right, finding the right outfit, and ofcourse, can’t forget the hair and makeup! 

In addition to these, for every perfectionist out there, we have curated a list of accessories that you can pair your outfits with. Because we all know, no outfit is complete without a dash of add-ons, and us fashionistas need them to feel we are at our best! 

To stay in line with the festive mood, Ambraee has created the most appealing and traditional accessories that you would love to get your hands on, keep reading to check out some of best ones:

Pearl Earrings:

A balanced blend of both traditional and western, pearls are one of the most sophisticated pieces of jewelry that reflect grace, and synchronises perfectly with the festive look. 

For the women who like to keep it simple yet alluring, match your Diwali outfit with a pair of pearl earrings to get a stunning look.

We recommend wearing it with a saree and also adding a necklace - the simplicity of the pearls would keep your look simple and avoid any over dos! 

Pearl earrings


The most traditional and widely loved piece of jewelry, jhumkis are without a doubt any woman’s favorite! They have the ability to amp up your entire look in no time, just with their design and intricacy.

If you are in the mood to don a very traditional look and want to go all out, we recommend jhumkis as your perfect choice!

You can practically wear it with any semi-traditional outfit and it will come out as a traditional Indian look! Suits, salwars, lehengas - these can all be paired with a nice pair of gold jhumkis. 



Originally worn in the traditional and more conventional parts of the country, maang tikkas are now becoming a complete style statement!

Their natural delicacy gives a very traditional vibe and if paired with the right outfit, will make any woman look absolutely gorgeous! 

Because they are quite traditional, we recommend wearing tikkas with a lehenga or a saree, to compliment each other well.

When buying one, opt for a simple gold tikka with hints of pearls, the concept in itself elegant enough to pop up your overall look, so you don’t need to get a heavy or flashy tikka. 

Maang tikka

Cuff bracelets:

A style undoubtedly loved by men and women both, bracelets have a very long standing relationship with festive occasions! A pinch of traditional and elegance, bracelets as an accessory are a perfect add on to your look. 

If you are someone who likes to amplify their look with unique elements, try putting on a cuff bracelet- we’re sure you will pull it off with grace. We recommend wearing it with a saree or salwar suit, to get the best out of the look. 

Women cuff bracelet

There are a lot of ways in which you can amp up your look this festive season - pairing your outfit with a sling, getting the right footwear, or going all out and putting up a different hairstyle!

But the one constant thing that will always help you get the look right is accessories. It’s tried and tested, and some classics can never go wrong. If you are looking for more such accessories, do check out Ambraee