Colors to wear this Festive Season!

Colors to wear this Festive Season!

Diwali is just around the corner, all of us are pretty content on deciding what’s suitable for us to wear on this auspicious festival. If you are also someone whose wardrobe looks like the one from Narnia then I am sure that settling on a dress will be difficult. After all there are plenty of colors to choose from different materials, styles that make this decision even more difficult. There are plenty of ways you can decide what color suits you the best or what you should wear on this day, you can decide what you want to wear according to your zodiac sign or the color that suits your persona. 

In the following article we will read about the significance of different colors and how these colors can make this Diwali a different yet better one for all the surrounding people.

Different colors have different psychological aspects, and they can play an important role in how people perceive you or the aura that you put out. Also, depending on your skin tone every color compliments you in a different way, make sure that you are aware of the colors that go well with your skin tone.

  • Yellow- 
  • There is a reason why this article begins with the color yellow, this is because it the color of freshness, happiness and is the most luminous color of all the colors in the visible spectrum. Among the warm colors it is considered as the brightest and most energizing color and is typically associated with sunshine and thus happiness, spiritually it stands for courage, self-confidence and fulfillment. You can pair brown, black or beige shoes with a dress of yellow color, green and grey are to colors that compliment the color yellow very much so you can probably think of an article of clothing of similar colors that will go very well with your dress.

    • Green

    Representing tranquility at the best the color green symbolizes nature and the natural world. It brings with it, good luck and health, if you love green down to your core it means that you are a very down to earth person who is very compassionate, kind and generous. Spiritually it carries the vibrations of harmony, peace, health and new-beginnings that I associated with growth and fertility. You can pair shoes or sandals of beige color as they go well with shades of green, the easiest pick for anyone would be olive green as it gives you more of a neutral ground to pair up with different colors.

    • Blue

    The primary of the cool colors (green, blue, purple) it is one color that is fairly common in the nature, every morning we get up to the blue skies this is one color that symbolizes serenity, and we find it very calming. Blue is the color of the sky and the oceans, representing expansiveness, imagination, freedom and confidence. Blue is one of the top contenders that you can pair with almost any color, be it red, yellow white or black. You have the freedom to go with almost any color of your choice as long as it fits your taste. If you have a dress on then try to go with colors that are a shade or two darker in the blue spectrum to keep the contrast alive.

    • Orange

    This is one of the brightest colors that you can adorn on festivals, it represents enthusiasm, encouragement, success and determination. It is the color that is typically associated with extroverts and that is something which is appreciated by most. Spiritually it reflects a general sense of wellness and emotional balance. You can combine any orange colored dress with gold accessories or jewelry to give you a more beautiful and elegant look. It goes well with the color cobalt blue or bright pink. 

    • White

    the color psychology characteristics of the color white represents innocence and purity adding a sense of space or highlighting your persona. The color white has different significance in different cultures and religions so make sure that you are not dressed inappropriately according to your cultural beliefs. It is one color that some wear to happy occasions like a wedding while others wear during sad times in life like the death of a loved one. It reflects away all the negative and reflects positive aura also helping you absorb the positivity from your surroundings.


    Every color has its own significance and will make you look beautiful and elegant, however different colors have the ability to elevate your persona in a different way.  Often colors are associated with different feeling and beliefs that has a psychological as well as cultural importance that one has to think about. The positive aspects of colors can be kept in mind while deciding to go for a dress or while choosing one that already exists in your wardrobe.