Festivals, flares and Lehengas!

Festivals, flares and Lehengas!

Occasions and festivals are the prime time for Lehengas, paired correctly with the accessories that you wish to adorn to complement the attire. A lehenga can make you stand out among the crowd. The love for a lehenga can only be described to you by an Indian girl. Some wait for years for the perfect occasion to wear a lehenga like a marriage or a once in a lifetime event. Today it has become the best of both modern as well as traditional attires to give us the lehengas that we see in fashion today. The versatility of a lehenga is another reason why it is so popular amongst the ladies. You can wear it to any occasion whether you want to have a traditional or modern or even a fusion dress lehenga always answers the dilemma! 

In this article, we will read about a couple of lehengas so that you have appropriate insight into this article of clothing and never go wrong. As mentioned above a lehenga is a got to choose for most whenever there is a special occasion, especially in India. Sometimes it can be challenging and difficult to pick from the available options, so here is a little help coming your way. 

Brown Ivory Butta Lehenga

The contrasting colours of this particular piece will definitely add levels of mystery to your persona. The combination of the different colours is very contrasting hence grabs attention and equally keeps your elegance at peak. Paired with the right neck jewellery, this is one piece that is best for ladies with a pear or triangle body shape, as it demands more attention on the top half than the lower half.

White Gota Lehenga Set:

The colour white is of great significance and has a cultural appeal and is seen as a symbol of purity and positivity in almost all parts of the world. The floral design on the arms add another level of brightness in the dress and breaks the monotony. It can be worn when you want to get a closer feel to your feminine side. 

Marsala Maroon Lurex Lehenga:

It is, without a doubt, one of the most elegant lehenga set that you might come across. Perfect for those bone-chilling winter nights when you have to wear a lehenga and endure the cold at the same time. It is one of the options that you will be thankful to have chosen on such nights. 

Brown Floral Lehenga:

Whenever it comes to shopping, floral prints are always an excellent choice. This Lehenga can be worn if you are looking for something subtle and elegant this fits the description perfectly. This is the perfect piece for ladies who are looking to divert attention away from the hips to other parts of their body. The overall floral design on the top, as well as the border, makes sure that the eyes of the onlookers are always drawn towards the best parts of your body.

 Green Floral Lehenga:

This piece is similar to the one above but different in two significant ways, and the colour combination is not as subtle as the one above and secondly it gives you a more royal look. The green colour, combined with the contrasting pink dupatta turns heads as you move along. The colour green is the colour of good luck and is a colour that symbolizes harmony and compassion along with a calming nature to itself.

 Rosa Leheriya Lehenga:

This colour is definitely one associated with the female gender, the wide border, and the light dupatta makes it the perfect choice for bright outdoor venues. This piece will guarantee the best photos on the occasions, and you can carry it hassle-free and carry out tasks that would otherwise require much more care and attention.

Yellow Gold Foil Lehenga:

Perfect for every body type whether you have an inverted triangle or a pear-shaped body this piece definitely garner attention and make you like a fashion goddess. Apart from the colour, the other thing that stands out in this particular set is the contemporary look accompanied by it. You can pair it with gold colour accessories and jewellery and look like the epitome of luxury.   


Depending on your taste, time and venue you can select from a variety of options available for you and choose the one that suits you the best. Different styles have to consider for various themes and different time of the year. Special attention needs to paid to the colour and material of the piece, after all you should be comfortable and confident in something that you will most probably be spending multiple hours. A lehenga can give you a stylish as well as the elegant look and can be paired with a host of accessories that can elevate the style sense to a whole new level.