Ready to Dazzle? How About Gota Patti Suit Sets for Every Occasion?

Gota Patti Suits for Every Occasion

Glimmer & Glam Up in Gota Patti Suit Sets.

When it comes to sartorial glint and glory, nothing can beat the magnificence of Gota Patti embroidery. This time-honored craft also known as ‘gota kinari work or lappe ka kaam’ has been an essential part of our tradition and culture since yores. The craft has been eternalized and iterated since time immemorial by various artisans and designers. The charm and beauty of gota embroidery designs have been depicted in so many movies and daily soaps, adding to the popularisation and globalization of the art. Before we move any further, let's walk down the alley of the glorious history of the Gota embroidery designs.

Roots to Glory:

As per the trivia buff, the art of Gota Patti was brought to India by Emperor Humayun during his visit to Persia in the 16th century, as he brought a few kaarigars who were known to have created the art form. The art flourished when the Rajput royals set up a diplomatic relationship with the Mughals. Earlier only the royalties could afford fine silhouettes gilded with gota patti accents because gota ribbons were woven with real golden and silver threads. Some of the most common motifs that were beaded on satin, velvet, and silk canvas were paisley, peacocks, elephants, palanquins, human figures, and horses. To date, these motifs are emblazoned with contemporary aesthetics on an array of extravagant weaves.

The Labour of Passion and Finesse:

Gota Patti's work is a tedious form of art that requires precision and patience. The decadent silver and gold threads are now replaced with polyester and lurex. Gotas are sourced from Lucknow; the glimmering lace comprises metal-coated weft yarns and cotton and polyester as warp yarns.
Small pieces of zari are woven into the fabric, with the hems sewed down to create dainty designs. Gota ribbons are weaved with a weft of silk or cotton thread and a warp of flattened gold and silver wire. After that, they are cut into the shape of a patti and manipulated to create a range of motifs and designs with a culmination of other elements like sequins, mirrors, etc.

Glory of Gota at Ambraee:

We, at Ambraee, came out with a collection beaded with gota patti work designs hand-done by our skilled kaarigars. Each of our ensembles from the collection was encrusted with kaccha gota and kinari accents. The edit features a range of silhouettes, including Anarkali suit sets, Sharara suit sets, lehenga ensembles, and kurta sets. The collection reflects contemporary aesthetics with sublime design manipulations, including a flattering neckline, statement sleeves, and bottom styles tailored on plush doria, muslin velvet, and chanderi weaves. Hop on to our webshop to get a full download of our collection to grace the festive occasion with the sartorial best. For any assistance or queries, do reach out to our customer support team. We have handpicked a few of our bestselling Gota Patti suit set for women; scroll down for a glorious read and fits!

Gota Patti Suit Sets for Fun & Fab Fam-jams:

Fam-jams, or family gatherings, are one of the most anticipated events. Be it the birthday of a niece or a puja ceremony, dressing up to the nines and fines is a must! There's a delectable platter, fun chatters, and a stunner for you. Embrace the grace of the gota Patti suit design, encrusted upon a sumptuous weave and splendid silhouettes. Below we have presented a spread of two charming gotta Patti work ensembles; scroll down to explore.

 Elegant black Kalidaar suit set adorned with intricate Gota work

The Midnight Glimmer:

Be a stunner at family galas in our midnight-black doria Anarkali gota patti suit set. Teamed with a statement dupatta to swoon over, this ensemble is truly a sartorial steal.

Style Spell: Complement your look with a statement jhumka and a set of mojaris.

Stylish blue Kaccha Gota suit set featuring intricate embellishments

The Regal Accent:

Don this regal blue kaccha gota patti suit set tailored to finesse on the mellow cotton weave. Elevated with a flattering neckline and silhouette, the ensemble calls for a gram-worthy style gig.

Style Spell: Complete your look with minimal accessories and nude makeup.

Gota Patti Suit Sets for Ethnic Eves at Workplace:

The ethnic eves are the best at the office! It's an opportunity to flaunt your dressing and styling prowess. This is the day when your office besties start swearing by your sartorial choices. To add more depth to it, we have presented our spread of two vivid gota patti suit ensembles tailored on an array of plush weaves. We have also added style spells for the magic you need; scroll down to explore.

Modern suit set in neon green with traditional Gota Patti designs

The Vivid Neon Notes:

Our neon green gota patti suit set plays an equal part of minimalist and ornate with its contrasting dupatta. It is the perfect ethnic fit, and you should not miss out on this one.

Style Spell: Complete your look with a statement set of jhumkas and dewy make-up.

Trendy black sharara set showcasing charming floral motifs and Gota detailing

Glint of Mythical Florets:

Grab the glimmering spotlight at that ethnic office party in our gorgeous Georgette sharara suit set, beaded with mythical floral notes and gota accents. Showcase your style prowess and power with the utmost charm and grace.

Style spell: Complete your look with a statement set of chandbalis and an ornate sling bag.

Gota Patti Suit Sets for Season’s Festivities:

India is a land of celebration for different cultures and traditions through its colorful festivities, which capture the essence of mirth and joy. Every season has its festivals, but autumn outnumbers the rest! Grand celebrations call for grandeur dress drills, and we suggest you top it up with the glam and glint of Gota Patti suit set designs. Below, we have plucked a few rich-hued gota patti suit ensembles crafted on palatial weaves. Scroll down to explore!

Fashionable Kaccha-gota Doria suit set in a vibrant purple color

Luster of Purple:

No festive look is complete without a purple hue! Gear up for the festive season in our palatial doria ensemble emblazoned with a paisley gota patti neck design. Perfect for the celebration fervor, the ensemble does depict every ounce of elegance.

Style Spell: Complete your look with a statement jhumka and a bindi.

Chic red suit ensemble featuring delicate Kaccha-gota work in Kalidaar style

The Ravishing Red:

Red completes the festive look, as the hue signifies passion and good fortune. Pick our doria gota patti suit set with ornate accents in a stunning Anarkali silhouette.

Style Spell: Complete your look with a set of gold-accented jhumkas and a bindi.

Gota Patti Suit Sets for Starry Wedding Festivities:

Who can say no to an invitation to a big, fat wedding? Let's just agree we don't have a heart to! Be it a family wedding or a bestie getting hitched, dressing the part is a must. Most of us are even assigned bridesmaid duties, and the bride squad should be dressed to the nines and beyond! Ensembles with gota embroidery designs capture the very essence of wedding festivities. Keeping this in mind, we have presented a spread of two sumptuous styles along with style spells. Scroll down to explore.

Trendy brown Anarkali suit adorned with charming Gota detailing

Glory in Umber:

Wedding festivities are the best! Grace is in our umber doria gota patti suit set with enticing design elements. Teamed with a captivating scalloped dupatta, the ensemble is a must-have pick for the wedding and festive wardrobe.

Style Spell: Complete your look with a statement set of jhumkas and bracelets, along with dewy makeup.

Graceful pink suit adorned with intricate embroidery in Anarkali style

Penchant for Poise & Pink:

Are you from the I-do-crew? Then this hot pink gota patti suit set is for you! Beaded with tie-tassels, this opulent doria ensemble can be worn for the sangeet festivity and can be replayed for various occasions all year round.

Style Spell: Complete your look with ornate hair accessories and a set of ornate mojaris.

Explore the Glory of Gota Embroidery Designs at Ambraee:

That was our tale of Gota Patti's work; the glorious art that emerged in the medieval period still reigns over the hearts of so many. The very soup and backbone of this heritage craftsmanship are our artisans. At Ambraee, we strive to make efforts to preserve the authenticity of the art, and all our gota patti work is hand-done by our skilled kaarigars. Apart from our suit set ensembles beaded with gotta pati accents, do explore our designer kurta sets elevated with stunning silhouettes and dressy design manipulations. Our collection comes across as one of the most loved Indian ethnic wear online with our creative take on design innovations. Be it a kurta set for women or lehenga ensembles, each of our curations embodies the essence of fab and finesse. That's all for now, and it's almost time that we wrap up our jaws on Gota Patti work designs. As for you, stay tuned and visit our webshop to get a full download of our collection of Gota Patti embroidery designs. We'd be waiting to cast the beautiful you across our feeds in our fetching ensembles. Thank you for always choosing us and being our favorite muse! Wishing you all the glimmers and glory, keep shining bright!