9 Days, 9 Colors, 9 OMG Navratri Outfits for Women

Navratri outfits for women


Here comes one more occasion of the year when one can hear devotional, melodic, soul-touching songs reverberating in each household to worship the nine deities. Yes, guess what time has come! It is the time of celebration—celebrating the joyous festival of Navratri; this time, it is Chaitra Navratri.

The heavenly fragrance of holy offerings would fill the air, and in the festive mood of Navratri, many Indians would be whisked away instantly. Now, traditionally celebrated in months of April and October, India observes two sets of Navratri festivals every year. The one in October, called Sharad Navratri, is seen as the victory of good over evil. On the other hand, the Chaitra Navratri, the festival in April, is related to the birth of Lord Rama and the goddesses. Let's dive deeper into this festive extravaganza:

Significance of Chaitra Navratri

Vasanta Navratri: Chaitra Navratri is popularly known as Vasanta Navratri. This normally occurs in the month of March or April, which indicates the first month of the Hindu calendar year. The people of Northern India observe this grand nine-day event with great enthusiasm. This Navratri falls between March and April during the Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra masa (Hindu calendar month). The first day of this fall is celebrated as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra and known as Navreh in Kashmir. Northern and Western India cherish this Navratri, amplifying the charm and sanctity of the vibrant spring season.
Chaitra represents the beginning of a new year. So let's brighten this beginning with hope, joy, and a little freshness in your wardrobe every day of Navratri, giving style statements with glamor and grace.

Explore the gorgeous navratri outfits each day for all nine days of Navratri, thoughtfully curated by Ambraee. The nine days have their color vibe. Keep reading.

First Day of Navratri – Opt for "REGAL Blue" Ethnic Attire

Dress on the first day of Navratri in Royal Blue, as that is the color of the day to extol Goddess Shailaputri, one of the forms of Goddess Shakti. A resplendent royal blue ensemble symbolizes the modern vigor and confidence that women carry in them. Let's kickstart the festivities donning this majestic hue.

Fetch this navratri outfit for women offering trendy kurta sets, sharara and dupatta set coming in a bold color of blue with bandhej prints from Ambraee's exclusive festive collection of Ambraee to stylize your look this Navratri on day 1. Accessorize it in a way you want to wear it.

Second Day of Navratri – Embrace "VIBRANT Yellow" Ethnic Wear

Celebrate the vivacity and charm of Goddess Brahmacharini on the second day in your navratri outfits with the powerful yellow collection from Ambraee. A characteristic hue of joy and liveliness, representing precisely the feel of Navratri, goes on to fill the day with more blessings.

Embrace an elegant look and wear one of the mightiest , yet chicest navratri outfits for the second day of Navratri: this authentic yellow geometric printed kurta from Ambraee. Wear it with your jeans or leggings for the complete look.

Third Day of Navratri – Radiate "GRACEFUL Green" Ethnic Charm

On the third day, please Goddess Chandraghanta, clad in graceful green navratri outfits, particularly meaning peace, fertility, and growth. Green symbolizes new beginnings and tranquility, so it's probably the best pick for you when you wish to celebrate the third day of Navaratri.

Look picturesque in this green floral printed navratri outfit offering kurta-trouser dupatta set from Ambraee and be the trendsetter this festive day. Style yourself with red drop earrings for a dash of finesse.

Fourth Day of Navratri – Embrace "MYSTICAL Black" Ethnic Elegance

The magic of black floral ethnic wear on the fourth day symbolizes poise and grounding—qualities personified by Goddess Kushmanda. Hence, slip on to the charm of a black floral outfit and celebrate the day, or even better, sport a serene outfit for the day to get in better touch with the Earth.

Stepping into the black kurta adorned with floral print, paired with comfort pants and a flowy dupatta by Ambraee for an understated looking every time on your fourth day of Navratri. Accessorize it well with dangling earrings to get a good look.

Fifth Day of Navratri – Radiate "DIVINE Orange" Ethnic Aura

Fifth day: Adjsone bright and vibrant divine energy orange ethnic wear from the beautiful navratri outfits of Ambraee. Devote to the Goddess Skandamata. Orange means warm and positive, reflecting exuberance in life with a lot of positive vibes.

Complete your wardrobe with this indo western navratri dress set of jacket, trousers, and top in coral solids from Ambraee to make your style speak volumes on Navratri 5th day. Accessorize gorgeously with clutch and wedge heels.

Sixth Day of Navratri – Embrace "SERENE White" Ethnic navratri dresses for women

The sixth day is all about exuding purity and serenity in serene white navratri outfits for women. White exudes peace and secures one to keep tranquil, for the occasion to pay homage to Goddess Katyayani.

Look pretty all set in this modern navratri outfit, white embroidered kurta from Ambraee. Pair it up with your favorite set of accessories to complete the look.

Seventh Day of Navratri – Flaunt "FIERY Red" navratri dress for women

Unleash the fire in you on day seven by looking ethnic in flaming red attire dedicated to Goddess Kalaratri. Red, the color of passion and energy, lifts your temper and energizes the outfit.

Styled from the label Ambraee, it entails a vivid red backdrop with flourishing florals that make it a vibrant, bold statement against the vitality and vigor of the seventh day of Navratri. Make your outfit as bold as your fiery spirit and zest for life.

Eighth Day of Navratri – Embrace "ENCHANTING Sky Blue" Ethnic Grace:

On the eighth day, wear the ethereal and enchanting sky blue color of navratri attire, symbolizing the unlimited expanses of nature and sky in praise of Goddess Mahagauri. Let your tranquil hue of sky blue lift your spirits and captivate beholders.

A heaven-like feeling will be easily created by wearing this sky blue-colored ornamental printed kurta trouser dupatta set from Ambraee on the 8th day of Navratri. Wear it with nice accessorization for the overall look.

Ninth Day of Navratri – Radiate "PASSIONATE Pink" navratri dress for women:

Prepare on this final day of Navratri to devote yourself to Goddess Siddhidatri with passionate pink ethnic wear for women. This must be pink, the epitome of love, harmony, and affection; it accentuates your femininity and personifies grace added to your personality.

Embrace elegance and grace on Navami with this subtle pink floral printed kurta, comfort pant, and dupatta set from the exquisite collection of Ambraee. Accessorize beautifully with this navratri dress for women.

Below are some of the queries we have answered for our customers, hope these will help you brighten your Navratri this season:

1. What types of Navratri outfits are popular for the festival?

Navratri outfits range from traditional to modern styles, catering to everyone's taste. For a traditional look, Navratri traditional dresses such as lehengas, chaniya cholis, and sarees are popular. For those who prefer a blend of contemporary and traditional, modern Navratri outfits, including indo western Navratri dresses, offer a chic and comfortable option. Navratri attire is all about vibrant colors, intricate designs, and comfortable fits to keep you dancing all night long.

2. Can you suggest some Navratri dress for women that blend tradition and modernity?

Absolutely! For a modern twist on traditional attire, consider indo western Navratri dresses. These outfits combine the elegance of traditional Indian wear with the comfort and style of western clothing. Think of crop tops paired with high-waisted lehenga skirts or fusion gowns with ethnic prints and embroidery. Navratri indo western dresses are perfect for ladies looking to make a stylish statement while enjoying the festivities.

3. What are some essentials every Navratri ladies dress should include?

A Navratri dress for ladies is not just about the outfit itself but also about the accessories and colors that complement it. Every Navratri attire should ideally include vibrant and auspicious colors symbolizing the festival's spirit, such as red, blue, yellow, and green. Accessories like oxidized jewelry, colorful bangles, and embroidered potlis enhance the festive look. Additionally, comfortable footwear, preferably juttis or flats with embellishments, is essential for dancing to the Garba beats.

4. How can I make my Navratri outfits for women stand out?

To make your Navratri outfits stand out, focus on unique designs and vibrant colors. Navratri is all about celebrating with zeal, so don't shy away from bold prints, mirror work, and elaborate embroidery. Modern Navratri outfits with a touch of traditional craftsmanship, like block printing or tie-dye, can offer a distinctive look. Layering your outfit with contrasting dupattas or adding an ethnic jacket can also elevate your Navratri dress for ladies.

5. Are there any tips for choosing the right Navratri dress for women who prefer comfort over style?

Yes, comfort is key, especially since Navratri involves a lot of dancing. Look for Navratri ladies' dress options in breathable fabrics like cotton, georgette, or chiffon. An indo western Navratri dress made from these materials can offer both style and comfort. Opt for outfits with elasticated waists, adjustable ties, and flowing silhouettes to ensure you move freely. Remember, the right Navratri outfit for women is one that combines comfort with style, allowing you to enjoy the festivities without any hindrances.

6. Where can I find inspiration for Navratri outfits for women?

For inspiration, look no further than the vibrant and diverse range of Navratri attire featured in our latest blog. From traditional Navratri dresses for women to modern Navratri outfits and indo western Navratri dresses, our collection is curated to make every woman look and feel her festive best. Visit our website www.ambraee.com and explore our Navratri catalog to find your perfect outfit for this auspicious occasion.

Remember, the essence of Navratri fashion is to celebrate the vibrant spirit of the festival with joy and enthusiasm. Let your Navratri outfits reflect your personal style while paying homage to traditional elements. Happy Navratri!