Patchwork dresses you must have in your wardrobe!

Patchwork dresses you must have in your wardrobe!


Patchworks are best for creating the most beautiful designs. This art breaks all the barriers towards putting your imaginations on a piece of cloth. Patchwork means joining two or more pieces of fabric, but the results are magnificent, joining several stripes, triangles and other shapes of fabric (patch) can create an elegant-looking suit. The designs and patterns you can find in patchwork suits are irreplaceable. From just forms to beautiful flowers, any design will look more beautiful with this fashion.

The art is not limited to suits, even the maxi dresses, and other apparel can be adorned up using patchworks.


Talking about its process, you can find both machines stitched, and hand-stitched patterns both have their significance and beauty. The patchwork style of making clothes attractive has been popular since the beginning of the nineteenth century, but even today it has not lost its significance and uniqueness.

The uniqueness and the look it gives to your dress is the primary reason it is accessible. Another reason people love it so much is because of the options. You can get any pattern, any design, and any colour you wish in patchwork. Using two or more fabrics allows the weavers to try different combinations of materials and try out matching various colours and designs.


As a consumer, you can have your customized patchwork dress, just by selecting the colours and your favourite designs like flowers, petals, and other such shapes. This way, you can design your clothing, which not only looks beautiful but also gives you confidence when you wear it. Not only the shapes and patterns enhance your dress, but even a simple bordered patch also looks stunning on bright-coloured dresses. How nice the combination will look depends upon the contrast of two fabrics.


Grey Chanderi Blooming Kurta Set

An elegant kurta with perfect patchwork makes your wardrobe complete for every occasion. Grey is one of those colours which goes well for any function; it is subtle for formal events and eye-catching for an evening party. A straight kurta with straight pants gives you an evergreen look- perfect no matter the occasion is. With right accessories, and the patchwork at front and sleeves gives an attractive look to your personality and makes you the centre of attraction.


Teal Chanderi Blooming Kurta Set

The teal colour kurta with pants looks very graceful on everyone, with striped sleeves and most importantly patchwork on pants. The colour of the dress is so perfect that you can even wear this pretty set for casual meet-ups. The cross stripes on the kurta give it an ideal look for parties and festivals; this short kurta and straight pants are a must for your wardrobe. The decent colour of this set makes it a high-demand product and among customers.


Green Chanderi Blooming Suit Set

The colour itself is the most beautiful feature of the dress, and along with it the cherry on the cake is organza patchwork, which goes well in contrast. The set is perfect for Indian festivals as it gives you a graceful look and one thing for sure is all eyes will be on you. Two- coloured patchwork adds up to the beauty of the dress and makes it a must-have for parties and like occasions.


Black Drape Maxi

Looking for a perfect dress for an evening party, then this one is for you. A Black drape maxi with a touch of chiffon fabric is the best attire you can have for any reception or evening party. One thing that this dress will ensure is no one could easily take off their eyes from you. Not only perfect for exotic vibes but an ideal piece for ethnic clothing up, which means you now have a dress for every party and occasion.


Multicolor Patchwork Suit Set

The best of the best you can have, multicolour patchwork on a white base, nothing can be more beautiful than this. You can call it a perfect patchwork set anyone can ever have. Vibrant patchwork dupatta, suit, and even on pants, is a complete set, and tagging this dress to any particular occasion cannot happen. Once you have it, you will never want to keep it back in your wardrobe as it is so perfect for every time. Along with patchwork, the best you can have is embroidery, and this dress gives you everything you want for any occasion.


White Stripe Blooming Dupatta Suit Set

It is challenging to find a dress that goes well both in formal and casual set-ups, but now your search is complete with this white mulmul kurta with multicolour patchwork—a perfect set for office events and even wedding receptions. Once you have this in your wardrobe, you will never ask yourself “what to wear?” again.


White Tier with Blue Patchwork

White is the colour that goes well with any accessory and is perfect for any occasion. This white colour dress is ideal for any office party, and it can add to your elegance on the night of festivals. This white tier dress has something extra for you, which can make you look even more attractive. The dress with the white base looks stunning, and you can’t stop yourself from adding it to your wardrobe.