Rev up your wardrobe with these co-ord sets

Rev up your wardrobe with these co-ord sets

The fashion world is witnessing several trends, from playful outfits to colour-blocked attire, but the co-ord set's trend has caught the eyes of everyone.

Of course, this style isn't new; it's been there for a while and is particularly trendy with fashion influencers such as Alana Pandey, Aashna Shroff, Masoom Minawala, Kritika Khurana, etc., and celebrities like Kardashians.

Despite its popularity in the 1970s, the coordinated trend has recently been reinvigorated in terms of style, colour, prints, and cuts. In addition to the basic mini-skirt and top, they can be worn with trousers, blazers, midi-skirts, and other items.

Isn't it nice to put on clothing that matches from top to bottom? Obviously, the eternal art of coordinating tops and bottoms is in all of a woman's magnificence.

Co-Ord sets for women are the simplest way to get rid of the confusion of matching the outfits since you've already set aside the outfit you're going to wear. Co-Ords make a woman look effortlessly stylish.

The best part is that co-ord sets are suitable for any occasion, whether a lunch date, office meeting, movie night or any festive event – regardless of the place or occasion, you know that an outfit like this is always available to make you look gorgeous. 

You'll have more than enough room to tailor your look with dazzling accessories whether you choose a two-piece consisting of a vest top and skirt or a jacket and a pair of trousers.

And whichever style you want, there's a two-piece coordinating ensemble somewhere for you.

These co-ord ensembles are comfortable, colourful, and airy and will quickly become wardrobe staples. Plus, there's more. For all of your creative whims, we provide a large selection of matches.

It's pointless to dodge this fantastic trend because it's all about making great clothing choices.

So, without any delay, here's a look at all things co-ord sets, as well as some fantastic style tips. Are you prepared?

Trouser Co-Ord set 

The classic trouser pants and matching top or shirt is automatically a statement outfit since it reflects boldness and elegance at the same time. Moreover, there are a plethora of options suitable for every lady.

Striped Co-Ord set

Here's a striped one that's a lot of fun and would make a wonderful co-ord set. This orange Striped Co-ord set is made of lightweight woven cotton and comes in soothing tones. This outfit includes a full-sleeved shirt with front pocket and wooden buttons and straight-cut slacks with side pockets, maybe worn anywhere and at any time.

orange co ord set ambraee

Another is a stunning co-ord set that epitomises the "hot girl summer" vibe. A blue striped off-shoulder co-ord with a trendy one-shoulder cut, puffy sleeves, and straight cut incredibly comfy trousers. The breezy fabric in a pleasant blue helps you sail through any event you decide to wear this attire to with elegance.

blue striped co ord set

Wrap around Co-Ord set 

Lavender is such a lovely and eye-catching colour, and a wrap co-ord in it is perfect for summer. Girls adore puffed sleeves and flared trousers, so that it may be a great summer standout piece for several occasions. 

wrap-up co ord set ambraee

All black Co-Ord set 

A black shirt with a modern cut is always trendy and elegant, and it can be worn with decent pants or a skirt to get the best output. Because of its modern straight-cut form, high belt trimming, and front and rear placket pocket elements, black pants may be no-brainer trousers for a classy and attractive look.

To transition the co-ords style from morning to evening, modify your jewellery and choose sneakers for the office and heels for the night party. Sometimes mixing and matching the co-ords and current wardrobe pieces can create a unique appearance too.

black co-ord set ambraee

Dress and skirt Co-Ord set

A skirt and top pair is typically the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about choosing a co-ord attire, but there are various styles to explore.

Choose a butterscotch-tinted two-piece outfit with a knee-length peasant wrap skirt and a beautiful long-sleeved wrap blouse with puffed sleeves, and all coupled with high-heeled ankle strap sandals for a classic style. For a different style, pair it with white Converse sneakers.

co ord sets ambraee

How to style like influencers?

If you've heard of Komal Pandey, Aashna Shroff, Masoom Minawala, Alana Pandey, Riya Jain, Sunaina Khera, and many more to name. In that case, you must have wondered at some point in time how these gorgeous ladies pull off something so bold yet so effortless like co-ord place. It's really simple – they just pick up an outfit that suits them and wear it with confidence.  

Women commonly wear kaftan cover-ups or bikinis to the beach. However, wearing a crochet top and a tiny skirt like Alanna Panday's appears to be a touch adventurous and enjoyable. 

Masoom Minawala, a well-known beauty influencer, says co-ord is her favourite trend for 2021, and it'll be in her closet for a long time. She adores all of them, from the humorous sweatsuit to the striking suit.

Beauty bloggers and closest friends Aashna Shroff and Riya Jain both have a thing for black co-ord outfits. Sticking with the black theme, a tight skirt and long-sleeved crop top might be worn with white shoes for a fresh look. 

Sunaina Khera's purple shimmering two-piece is sure to turn heads. While the overall design is modest, the tailored fit, high slits, and cuts elevate this co-ord set to a fashionable level. It's ideal for cocktail parties and receptions when you prefer to avoid the huge designer lehenga choli but don't desire to wear a gown. 

Choosing co-ord clothing is the best method to amaze anyone with your perfectly coordinated style. Co-ords are fantastic since they eliminate the difficulty of selecting and mixing pieces, allowing you the uncomplicated chore of creating a two-piece co-ord outfit that reflects your own fashion and persona.

Here's where you can discover the world of modern co-ord sets!