Slay the Independence Day in these Outfits

Slay the Independence Day in these Outfits

Slay the Independence Day in these Outfits!

The value of independence cannot be measured, but when it comes to expressing the emotions towards the country and its struggle for freedom, you can find hundreds of ways. Everyone knows that on this 15th August, India will be celebrating its 73rd independence day, and every citizen of the country will express their patriotism and their feelings in their way- every method is correct and unique. As a woman, why not express what you feel by what you wear?
Be it any occasion right from Raksha Bandhan to Diwali the first thing we think of is shopping for clothes, then why not on independence day? This year, wear the colour you idolize from our tricolour. Every colour has its significance, and especially all the three colours- Orange, White, and Green have a special place in the hearts of all citizens of your country.
We are listing below some outfits in Orange, White and Green respectively just for you. Choose what you like from the lot!

Rust Gota Handpainted Suit Set

Have a dress that is unique just the way tricolour is. The rust gota hand-painted set will show how much you value the art and hard work, and it will add to your creativity and attractiveness. Nothing is more important than how you feel on that particular day, and this unique set is perfect for any specific day. The colour itself is so eye-catching that you cannot resist buying it, and once you have it, your search for an ideal dress is over.


White Chiffon Tasselled Suit Set

The white colour as everyone knows signifies peace and truth. And when you wear a white dress, no one looks more beautiful than you. This white suit with the tasselled dupatta exhibits your nature, it shows how calm and peaceful you are, but at the same time, a touch of blue shows how Royale you are by nature. For your special days, this dress will be perfect.


White Tier Dress

It is undeniably one of the best dresses for those who are confident and want to be the centre of attention at any event. From evening parties to wedding functions, this dress is perfect for everything. The white tier of the dress creates a positive and royal vibe for you, and you feel like you own the place. It is a must to have in the wardrobe.


White Rose Suit Set

If you think the colour white was not enough, then these roses on a white base will gear up your looks to the next level. The floral print on a white base is one of the best designs you can have for your collection. Not limited to one event, this dress is a forever one, and with no second thought, you can wear it for any occasion or even on a regular day. But remember, all eyes will be on you.


Green Gota Leheriya Suit Set

The colour green is the colour of fertility, growth, and auspiciousness, and it expresses the excellent capabilities of Indian Land.

Now just think how a green colour dress can create a healthy aura for you whenever you walk in the room, the positive vibes will be the only thing you spread. This leheriya suit is a must for those who preach positivity and have ambitions to reach high. Even if you are trying green for the first time, the shade this dress offers is so subtle that you will feel how beautiful the colour is.


Green Scallop Suit Set

Looking for something which can make you stand out in a gathering, then you can stop here. This dress is perfect for those who love to be followed. Put it once in your collection and be ready to answer “where did you get it from” every time you wear it. The summer silk material is best for all weather.


Dark Green Gold Foil Floor Dress

The dress you will love at first look, there is nothing to not love about this royal print green gold foil dress. There is no end once you start talking about this dress, be it the design, material, the neck, back, print, and whatnot. Everything you ask for is there and perfect. Best for formal and casual events and along with that if you want a dress with a traditional look, then also it will work well.


Pick any of these pretty outfits, accessorize them, and you are ready to rule every corner of the world!