Wear Kurtis to Office: Affordable and Comfortable!

Wear Kurtis to Office: Affordable and Comfortable!

Working long hours in uncomfortable clothes is the last thing you want when in an office. Wearing Kurtis that bestow confidence and comfort while you deal with the everyday office is the choice of most women in our country. A crisply ironed close-fitted Kurti can be worn on any formal occasion. The best part is that you can add the bounce according to your comfort, Kurtis suit all young to middle-aged women. Buy the best office wear kurtis from Ambraee.

THE quintessential kurta is a must-have for Indian women out there. It can be dressed up or dressed down as per the occasion and ticks on every box when it comes to comfort, styling and appeal. There are various designs to choose from which can be confusing or overwhelming for many, picking a kurta that suits your persona can do the trick. Browse through the collection and choose from a wide variety of options that are pocket friendly, boost your confidence while all eyes are on you. Get the best jaipuri kurti from Ambraee

Tips for picking the right kurti according to your body-shape:

Pear shaped body:

 A body shape that’s curvy with a slender torso (a pear-shaped) calls for bright colours on the top to draw attention to the torso and away from the hips. A great way of highlighting the upper body is to wear a bright colour kurta while keeping the bottoms skinny, with the kurta not being too short. This gorgeous waist can be highlighted by going for the Lilac Sheesha kurta set, keeping the attention away from your hips and thighs. You will feel your best and be comfortable going for an option like this. 

Apple-shaped body:

If you are an apple body shape, having a full torso and slender legs, paying close attention to the neckline can do wonders to your look. Try adding vertical lines to the kurta that create an illusion taking attention away from the bust. Show off the goodies by wearing a short or mid-length kurta paired with leggings or skinny jeans that grab attention to the slender legs. The blue Criss-Cross Gota has all the vertical strips that you need to make your body look elongated, drawing the eyes up and down.  

Hourglass shaped body:

An hourglass figure, one with a narrow waist and broader hips and chest would enkindle you to go for perfectly fitting kurtas that accentuate and compliment your body. A flared and fit Kurti works fantastic for the hourglass highlighting the curves and flows effortlessly. Keep away from pants or tops that make you look disproportionately large. Fussy kurtas with too many pleats and embellishments are a no-no. A lilac neck embroidered kurta set has the details in the work that acts like magnets for the eyes. The beautiful colour and the minimalistic design spotlights the neckline making you more confident carrying the look more elegantly. 

Rectangular shaped body.

Whereas a rectangular body shape calls for creating curves in the silhouette, this can be achieved by going for an A-line fitting that hugs your curves, bringing out the details. An empire line Kurti would complement the upper body and is the right choice to go for drawing attention to the chest. The Astric Sheesha kurta set by Ambraee does the trick, by giving you the perfect colour and comfort that would be the right addition to your wardrobe. This particular set can be worn to an office without drawing too much or too little attention to yourself, giving you the right balance and is perfect for all women.  

Inverted triangle shaped body.

An inverted triangle is the exact opposite of a pear-shaped figure, with broader shoulders and narrow waist. This type of body shape calls for something that draws attention to the bottom half balancing out the extra width of the shoulders. The ivory kurta set balances out the width of the shoulders with the broader base and a fit upper body. This is a great set of choice for women with the inverted triangle body shape. 


Ladies who are short should opt for solid colors and kurtis that are long and straight going beyond knee length, a solid colored kurta with minimalistic prints helps in lengthening the frame giving you a taller and more confident stance. Women who are tall can opt for anything as their body posture suits all types of looks. When you are trying to avoid looking even taller, kurtis with horizontal strips are a great choice as they create an optical illusion making you appear wider. You can use the tips to your advantage and work with them in getting the desired look for your body shape. Your attire can positively affect your performance, its not about the best or the most expensive clothes its about what feels comfortable and unbounding.