Why Buy from Local Brands?

Why Buy from Local Brands?

The world is becoming smaller and smaller by the day. Consumers now have access to goods that they could not have earlier and with globalization around the world the number of options has become colossal. When you have such high availability, people tend to shift towards goods that are not home produced. There may be a lot of reasons associated with this but the Hindi phrase घर की मुर्गी दाल बराबर sticks out to be one of the most prominent factors. The phrase translates to: Food that is cooked at home, even if it is chicken, tastes like plain insipid lentils compared to food brought in from outside. This does not necessarily mean that the homecooked food is bland or not as tasty it simply becomes of less value, which is wrong and that is why we should pay more attention to shopping from Local Brands. 

Direct touch with the manufacturer, Quality and Price.

Local brands offer equally good quality if not better compared to products that are imported from international brands. There are various benefits of buying from local brands, some are pretty direct like getting articles for a cheaper price as there is very little involvement in between from producer to consumer. Often clothes made overseas often are not transparent enough to give you information about the materials used in the manufacturing process. Local vendors can be talked to directly and can give you a better understanding of their product as they are the ones manufacturing it. The materials used in the manufacturing process are often sourced from other local vendors or merchants nearby allowing you to keep track of the quality of materials used. This direct connection between locals from a region translates to sustainable development boosting the local economy, and while there is nothing wrong in buying products from foreign companies you should take up the initiative to help in boosting your local economy at times like these when the worlds economy is in shambles. Dresses like Dark Green Gold Foil Dress, Gold Foil Suit Set are a result of ultimate dedication of the local craftsmen, and the team.

Vocal for local

The initiative that has received a lot of appreciation from the people as well as other nations. What is “Vocal for Local”? to answer this question in the simplest of manners it means buying from local vendors as well as promoting local vendors. Why is this necessary you ask? This is an effort to strengthen the local economies by helping micro, small and medium enterprises by helping them make a name for themselves and their unique products. This is a responsibility that falls on the individuals of a region to help harness the potential of these unique products. Buying from local vendors not only strengthens the economy and ensure that you can monitor the quality of products but also makes your direct involvement in promoting these brands a crucial factor in their success. Aesthetic block print suit set, and heavy embroidered dresses- they all deserve some amazing support.

Helps in promoting Virtuosity.

When you go local you support local craftsperson who keep the ethnicity alive. These individuals in turn are then able to get more creative using their skills to give you better products and designs. So, for supporting local brands directly you are basically giving them the resources to put out better products for you in the future. A lot of local brands produce goods that are only made or found in a particular region that need a specific set of skills to be produced, for example the Indian Khadi, when you support local enterprises that produce such goods you help keep a specific skill alive by creating a market for it. 

The personalized experience is unmatched.

While a lot of international brands may be able to provide you an experience that will be difficult to compare, local brands have a more personalized relation with their customers. Often, large companies cater to the masses, while they may be producing goods of quality, local brands cater to specific demands and needs while giving you a better personalized experience. The customer service is very good in local brands as they are trying to make a name for themselves in the market and there is no better marketing strategy than happy customers. They are just easier to access in case of need as compared to any foreign brand or an international company. From office wear to exquisite luxury attires like Ambraee Luxe- you get it all!

Better ROI

As discussed in the first point the quality of the products and the price is comparatively better in cases of goods that are produced locally. This means that you get a better return on your investment as local brands are more economically efficient for you. As there are almost no shipping cost, very little to no intermediary charges between producers and consumers buying from local vendors turn out to be better deals most of the times. 

Keeping all the above-mentioned factors in mind one should try to be as supportive to their local economy as possible and enjoy better services and products from local vendors. These are some of the reasons why one should buy from local brands.

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