Why must you have White in Your Wardrobe?

Why must you have White in Your Wardrobe?

The one thing that fashion across the world has taught us is that when it comes to fashion, there are no set rules. While fashion trends come and go, one’s style statement is everlasting. It is imperative to keep your style in check as time moves forward, regularly updating your wardrobe and keeping the classics in it. In this article we are going to talk about the colour white and why you must have it in your closet. 

There is a lot the white colour has to say about you as an individual and a lot about your persona at the same time. People who are in white or like to dress up in white often appear neat and clean. White colour is one that displays flawlessness and immaculate appearance; it sets a benchmark for other people to be followed in terms of hygiene standards.

Here are some of the characteristic traits of white that will make you feel better about yourself if you already are into white or will make you shop for white the next time you look for something to buy. 

The Satvik nature of the white:

The colour white is Satvik in nature which makes it the right choice for people who want to repel all the harmful and distressing frequencies from one’s surroundings. We have all been taught since our childhood that dark colours attract and light colours repel, this makes white colour the right choice for any occasion. We are all aware of the primary reason why we should opt for light colours on bright sunny days and let the dark colours rest in the wardrobe for some other not so hot days. White colour repels all the Tamsik energies and vibes, making their way towards an individual to keep her light and cheerful. So whenever you have to be somewhere that you know will require you to stay positive and repel the negative energies a ethnic suit set like the Ivory Suit Set will keep you buoyant in all situations. 

Symbolizes purity

The colour white in most culture is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, usually associated with perfection in many western cultures as well as the Indian culture. The colour white also signifies a new beginning, so when headed for a new job or any occasion always put on a white suit with a touch of colour like the Lilac Kurta set for women from Ambraee to get a confident start to a new journey. 

Spiritually uplifting.

The colour white is known to be one of the most spiritually uplifting colours, as all colours have a different appeal to them. Some colors are naturally bright and look refreshing, and then some colors have a tone that can be used to bring down vibrant patterns and prints. The colour white can be used to add brilliance and faith to your attire. A dress like the White Tier with Blue Patch Work will be the perfect choice for you on days that you need your stars to align perfectly and work in your favour. 


The colour white is considered as the softest of all colours, exhibiting calmness and humility. This colour is the right choice whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation and can’t decide on what to wear for a particular occasion. This is the right colour for any big event where you are not sure about what to wear. It gives you the right balance of confidence and calmness exhibiting a persona that is second to none. The Organza Hand Painted Suit from Ambraee is one that you can rock without overpowering your persona and fit in any occasion.

Colour associations are not universal, as different cultures have different meanings for the same thing. In the western culture, white represented innocence and purity and used at occasions like weddings while at the same time in other cultures white is used as the colour to balance out the bad with the good or repel the negative. The Lotus Suit Set is one that you will want to wear to occasions that demand a lot from you, for example, an event where there is a lot of negativity, and you are bound to maintain yourself in your yang. The Black And White World by Ambraee is the perfect combination of both yin and yang keeping the balance of the complementary forces of nature. 


A white dress can save any occasion any day all you need to do is have one ready in your wardrobe for the next event. Without having to worry about being too loud or too soft in terms of appearance, white is the perfect balance of both worlds. The positivity that white colour adds to your persona by reflecting all the negativity away is one of the main reasons why it becomes almost a necessity to have white in the wardrobe in today’s world.