Winter Ethnic Edit by Ambraee

Winter Ethnic Edit by Ambraee

Everyone loves winter - the clothes, the cuisine, the festivities, and the excitement of the New Year. However, winters and Indian ethnic wear do not go hand in hand. We frequently opt to wear western jackets, trousers, cardigans, and knitwear to stay warm, while our favourite designer Kurtas, Lehengas, and sarees are boxed up till warm air rises.

If it gets unbearable to remain separated from your treasured ethnic wardrobe, we're here to assist. We'll explain how to appear attractive in traditional attire while being warm. 

See, it's only a five-minute play to bring an ethnic touch to your winter clothing! You only should have a few easy style tips to make a statement at the workplace, a wedding, university, or luncheon!

Simply look for a happy balance that allows you to look stylish and gorgeous without catching a cold. Fascinated?

Here are some of the best suggestions for winter ethnic clothing that you’ll love:

Ditch Cotton, Wear Velvet Suit

When you wear this elegant purple suit to the next major event, be ready to turn everyone's attention on you. This suit is made of superior Velvet fabric and has a digital pattern with zari and gota embroidery for a glossy finish. People can't take their gaze off the purple kurta. It is complemented by an organza dupatta and straight cotton trousers. Velvet is a warm fabric, but you may wear it with a shawl or a jacket.

Jackets on sarees

When Bollywood women embellished their traditional clothing with long jackets or coats, they caused quite a stir in the industry. The Gulmarg jacket is a winter staple that we all must possess. It's made of pashmina and comes in an off-white colour that's both comfortable and stylish.

Jackets on your saree, especially the ones in pink, can add a touch of refinement and warmth to your look. This style is fashionable and on-trend for anybody who enjoys making their own remark.


Dresses with jackets 

Rajasthan is well-known for its brilliant colours and hand craftsmanship. The tourist areas, in particular, are swarmed with short jackets adorned with vibrantly coloured native art. These jackets are an art since ladies of all ages may wear them with kurtas or gowns to transform a simple day appearance into a night look. It's a fantastic substitute for stoles since it provides kurta users with an overblown style. This pink dress already has a cropped jacket. And see how lovely it will make you look.

Shawl and Lehenga combo 

Swap out your dupatta with an exquisitely patterned shawl that will lend a rich feel to your outfit. Shawls are no longer only a basic black, charcoal, or beige colour fabric to warm you up. Today, they are a fashionable accessory accessible in a wide range of styles, including lavishly adorned, encrusted patterns, glasswork, zardozi, and gota Patti work.

We now have a lovely three-piece outfit consisting of a lehenga, a shirt, a skirt, and a dupatta. So, in this case, you may skip the dupatta and just wear the ensemble with our black velvet shawl. Brown lehengas usually look great with black. It will keep you warm and stylish in the eyes of everyone.


Cape for ethnic wear's reshape

This winter, capes have dominated the fashion world. How does one overlook a well-dressed and stylish cape to dress to family gatherings and formal meetings? This depiction of a cotton kurta with pants and an Organza cape is the most outstanding alternative for impacting a college session or wedding. Wear a suit with an ornamented or patterned long cape to captivate people in the street. Wear fashionable outerwear to look your best!

Shirt and Saree

Black Kalamkari Silk Saree is a silky, convenient ethnic garment. This garment is loved by today's urban lady for both business and everyday use to offer you a rich look. With those immaculate pleats and a stunning digital kalamkari design, it will keep you trendy and ruckus-free. 

Now, instead of wearing a blouse, wear a white shirt. This white Puff Sleeve Shirt is a daily must-have that can be dressed based on the aesthetic you want to achieve. Always remember, no typical blouse can equate to the power of a white shirt. 


Kaftan is not just for summers

Many ladies often consider a Kaftan the perfect summer wardrobe essential. It is a great summer outfit since it is soft, comfortable, and suitable for every occasion. However, now that the temperature has gone cold, we're wondering how ladies can continue to wear this piece?

Women can pair it with a shawl, woollen scarves, trench coats, and almost every winter cover-ups. Besides that, ladies can wear boots and accessorize them with heavy traditional jewellery to make them look statement. This way, kaftans can be worn without caring about the season. 

The internet is full of inspiration, so let our website be your one-stop shop for more winter ethnic outfit ideas. Visit the website by clicking here!