Women Style Guide According To The Zodiac Sign

Women Style Guide According To The Zodiac Sign

Your style imprints your personality- what you wear & how you carry yourself, speaks more about you than you could yourself. At least that is what fashion experts say! Now there is something else that says a lot about your personality- your zodiac sign.

 Of course, not everyone believes it is true, but in a more generalized sense, your zodiac sign can predict characteristics you are likely to exhibit throughout your life. It also gives you insights into other traits- what colors suit you, what you like to wear, and your style amongst other things.

 Now when we talk about styling, we all have our fixed ways to style ourselves, but how about doing what is best according to your zodiac sign? Do not worry, it might sound tedious, which is why we have researched for you! All you have to do is read ahead and you’ll know your zodiac outfits!

1. Capricorn

o   Period: December 22 – January 19

o   Style Guide: The key highlight of a Capricorn’s personality is the abundance of confidence they carry. Their bold attitude will always make them stand out, and so should their clothes!

When choosing an outfit, opt for something bold and bright as red, or go for the combination of black trousers and a white/ brown top to show off that confidence you have with the most sophisticated choice of clothes!

o   Colors they rock: Brown (Khaki), Red, White, Black

Women Black trousers

2. Aquarius

o   Period: January 20 – February 18  

o   Style Guide: Creative, always on the lookout for something new and open to experimenting- just the perfect way to describe the traits of an Aquarius. These characteristics can be very well reflected in outfits like wrap dresses & bright jumpsuits, so look out for those.  

o   Colors they rock: Violet, Navy Blue (Sometimes), light shades  

Wrap co-ord set

3. Pisces

o   Period: February 19 – March 20            

o   Style Guide: A Piscean has a very soft and unique personality, but also carries a very quirky side. This combination of calm and chaos brings a lot of diverse ways to style yourself on the table; in the mood for something soft- go for a plain kurta set. In the mood to wear something fun-go for a modern looking dress.    

o   Colors they rock: Yellow, White

Cream smock dress

4. Aries

o   Period: March 21 – April 19    

o   Style Guide: They are known for being supremely confident and stylish. They have a zeal for life and love demanding attention. Choose eye-catching and stylish outfits like a bright jumpsuit that grabs the attention of anyone passing by!

o   Colors they rock: Red, Mustard, Golden Yellow, Green  

Stylish jumpsuit

5. Taurus

o   Period: April 21 – May 20        

o   Style Guide: Very genuine and intelligent, a Taurus prefers comfort over trend and quality over quantity. They despise all things fancy and choose to keep it simple. Your zodiac outfit can be exactly that- a light colored kurta & palazzo set that shouts basic but not boring would be an ideal outfit for you.

o   Colors they rock: Pink, Cream, Black, White

Women Kurta Set

6. Gemini

o   Period: May 21 – June 20        

o   Style Guide: You can spot a Gemini from afar; their chirpy and social nature is hard to miss. Added to that is their warm and versatile attitude. Such a perfect blend of characteristics makes the ideal choice of outfits quite obvious- bright and subtle! Go for a red/ green colored outfit, preferably without a lot of work on it, to stay in sync with your sign!

o   Colors they rock: Green, Black, White, Pink, Red

Strappy kurta

7. Cancer

o   Period: June 21 – July 22          

o   Style Guide: Cancerians do not like to take risks. They are easygoing and like to be in their comfort zone. Being the center of attention is not something they look for, which is why your zodiac outfit should be inclined more towards soothing outfits – anything white or blue would be fab!     

o   Colors they rock: Blue, White, Sea Green, Yellow

Hand painted dress

8. Leo

o   Period: July 23 – August 22     

o   Style Guide: Very expressive and bold; they love to be in the limelight and adore drama! Dramatic outfits are always in, so go for something that instantly catches the eye- a shimmery suit set, bright red trousers, or floral dresses would be ideal.   

o   Colors they rock: Orange, Purple, Red, Gold

Velvet suit set

9. Virgo

o   Period: August 23 – September 22

o   Style Guide: Virgo women are known to be practical, and they do not mind going all in for something that they love. They are patient, yet very choosy so their choices can be unique. To stay in sync with such a dynamic personality, look for pastel colored outfits- neutral, subtle, and easily picked!  

o   Colors they rock: Any shade of green, pastel, any pale shade 


Doria dupatta suit

10. Libra 

o   Period: September 23 – October 22    

o   Style Guide: They love looking beautiful and ready to go for any occasion. The grace with which they carry themselves brings in a lot of confidence. Your ideal outfit based on these traits could be a velvet/ silk suit set, given it is all things beautiful, or a smart set of trousers and shirt.

o   Colors they rock: Blue, White, Pink, Black

Black velvet suit

11. Scorpio            

o   Period: October 23 – November 21     

o   Style Guide: Scorpions are very confident in their skin and are always looking to try new things. They demonstrate a very intelligent personality, the kind which astounds everyone. Hence your outfit choice should reflect boldness- office jumpsuits, sleek pencil skirts would be great options for you.

o   Colors they rock: Scarlet, Purple, Maroon, Bottle Green, Red

Lilac wrap top

12. Sagittarius     

o   Period: November 22 – December 21

o   Style Guide: Much like a Taurus, Sagittarius women prefer comfort over anything else. But that does not take away the natural charm that they embody. Choose something that looks very chic and effortless at the same time, like a flowy dress or a printed kurta palazzo set to match your zodiac personality.

o   Colors they rock: Orange, Red, Yellow, Blue, White

Angarkha suit set

So, do you think your zodiac sign reflects your personality? The truth is, your astrological signs might not always be 100% accurate in defining what you like, or what your fashion personality should be. In the end, they are a set of generalized beliefs, but we are all unique in our ways!

If you felt that your zodiac fashion is in sync with who you are- great! If not, you now know what you like and do not like in a more refined way! Also, you just found out new ways to style yourself! Always good to know that isn’t it? Come and explore what goes with your zodiac at Ambraee.