Your Ultimate Monsoon Wear Styling Guide For the Season

Your Ultimate Monsoon Wear Styling Guide For the Season

Chirpy atmosphere, cool breeze, and nature at its best- just the easiest ways to describe the monsoon season.

Now as romantic as that may sound, the flip side to it is all the drenching, humidity, and not to forget- frizzy hair! As much as we wish that there could be escapism to all this chaos, there is not.

So how about we look at some alternative solutions? A wise person once said, “There’s nothing that a good outfit can’t fix”. And yes, that is true- tried and tested!

While styling during the monsoon season might not appear to be as easy as summers or as fashionable as winters, we have culled out some great monsoon wear ideas that work best for this season, not only appearance wise, but comfort wise as well.

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1. Choose vibrant colors over anything else

The best time to experiment with the colors you are wearing is the monsoon season. Simplicity is good, and plain colors always add a touch of subtlety, but do not choose that during the rainy season!

The greyness in the sky does a great deal to dull our moods, so let us turn that around with something more appealing, shall we?

Go for bright colors and hues that resonate with cheerfulness- yellow, pink could be great selections.

These colors subconsciously bring joy to the eyes; choose a bright colored dress, preferably one that you can swirl around in, and club it with a nice pair of flats and some hoop earrings and there you have it, the chicest outfit of the season!  

Printed monsoon dress

2. Make short dresses your best friend

As much as we love those flowy full length dresses, trust us- they are not the right fit for this season. While fashion is all about styling in the most perfect way, it is also about being practical.

Wearing full length outfits and going out in the rain would only end up in a disaster, wet from the bottom and ruined for a long time!

Instead, opt for midi dresses or knee length jumpsuits. First, because they are super cute, and second, they will keep your beautiful dresses protected from the rain.

The best part about short dresses is that they are apt for every occasion. Want to go to the mall- wear a casual light colored midi dress.

Have to go to work- a knee length jumpsuit would look super casual and smart at the same time. Have a brunch date- a floral midi dress would do wonders! All you need to know is where you are going, and you have the most appropriate monsoon wear right in front of you!

Smocked Dress 

3. Jeans/ fitted clothes are a big NO

Here’s a pro tip- if you are planning to step out while it is raining, always be prepared for the worst. The weather is unpredictable, but you can choose your outfits wisely to manage the weather.

Try to opt for outfits that are comfortable and easy, so that even if you get drenched in the rain, getting out of those clothes does not become a nightmare for you. Which by the way, will not be the case if you wear a pair of skinny fitted jeans!

Oh, and one more thing, avoid adding layers to your outfit during monsoons. Light jackets, scarves, belts, stockings- these are all great add-ons, but save them for a different time of the year.

This season, they will only suffocate you. In easy terms, save the “sexy” outfits for winters, and go for a fun and soft outfit this season.

 checkered cotton dress

4. Invest in the right fabric

As mentioned earlier, being comfortable and choosing your outfits practically is the essence of building your style statement during this season. Now, carefully selecting what you wear is important, but selecting an outfit with the right fabric is more important.

For instance, you choose a midi dress to wear while going out made of a heavy fabric like silk, and you somehow get drenched in the rain. Because the dress would not absorb water, its heaviness will weigh you down and all that water will expose you to cold/ fever.

Which is why, choose fabrics that dry out easily and are super lightweight. Cotton or polyester made outfits would be a good choice, so when making a purchase, make sure you check out the fabric first!

The bottom line is, donning beautiful outfits is not a very difficult task, but if that comes at the cost of your comfort and appearance, that’s fashion gone wrong! Just remember, keeping it casual and light can sometimes be the best style statement for you, and that is what you must follow during monsoons.

Wear bright colors, opt for floral prints, and at every point, keep it super light- trust us, you will be all ready to rock your monsoon wear! If you want to check out more options for the monsoon season, click here. Happy shopping!