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Latest Maxi Dresses Collection with Price

Maxi Dress List Price (Rs)
Pink Tier Dress Rs 2,099
Black Mughal Frill Maxi Rs 2,300
Black Drape Maxi Rs 2,700
Blue Floral Maxi Rs 3,999
Chiffon Halter Neck Maxi Rs 4,800
Yellow White Crochet Yoke Dress Rs 1,990
Green Floral Maxi Dress Rs 2,200
White Printed Floor Length Rs 2,450
White Tier With Blue Patch Work Rs 3,500
Pastel Pink Full Floor Length Rs 3,099
Data last updated on 2020/08/07

Maxi Dresses- The Floor Length Ecstasy!

When you cannot decide, let a maxi dress be your guide. Do you want to add a fun, modern, and fantastic style to your wardrobe? Try maxi dresses. It is a way to attract seasons and trends that won't disappear quickly. Mini and midi skirts still have their place in your wardrobe, but maxi dresses are versatile enough to save your days! Talking of versatility, these are easily wearable at work, after-office party, to weddings and what not!

They are slowly but surely chasing fashion trends around the world. Take a look at the Ambraee maxi dress collection, and you will realize the fuzz behind it. There is one for every mood, in every colour, for every occasion.

Maxi dresses can be floor length or ankle-length dresses, but not short dresses. Fashion history says that maxi dresses have left their mark on every fashion time. It recently started as a bohemian fashion, and then maxi dresses soon became pieces of clothing to experiment with any brand. It's no wonder that women of all age group clothing brands adapt this clothing style season after season.

Types of Maxi Dresses

Printed Maxis - These dresses come with direct prints that add to your charm. Printed maxi dresses are perfect for everyday events or parties with friends and family. Add some embroidery to these, and there is perfection personified for you.

Asymmetric - Sometimes, even symmetry can be tedious. Then you know that it's time to try something outside the box - something asymmetrical. Asymmetrical maxi dresses are not only gorgeous to look at, but they also add to your facial features, and you vibe with them instantly. Usually, asymmetrical maxis make excellent party dresses. So now you know what you are wearing the next time you want to meet that particular person.

T-shirt dress - You want to rule the corporate world, without letting that feminity go. These dresses are the answer. Just the perfect blend of professionalism and womanhood, t-shirt dresses are a must-have in your wardrobe if you have a work-life. Not only are these dresses ideal for wearing in your office, but they also add style and Elegance to you. Is it hard to believe?

Why buy Maxi Dresses?

The list of reasons why you should buy maxi dresses is endless, like the Elegance of these dresses. For all the purposes known to humankind, here are some of the main reasons that will make you buy some of these fantastic dresses:

Classic Mix and Match - Remember those sleeveless floor-length dresses? Put over a top or a jacket, whatever suits you and enjoy the day. Deciding which jacket to wear with your boss or finding a shirt that matches your skirt or pants can be a lot of work. If you have some beautiful maxi dresses, you don't need to worry about that. Just wear attire based on the theme of the event you are going to wear your shoes, and you can go.

Comfortable to Carry - Cannot manage the hassle of a saree or those heavy shararas? Well, sexy maxi dresses are at your rescue. Enjoy the meetings, parties, date nights and possibly without changing the outfit. They are available in different lengths for different moods. Check out the maxis by Ambraee available online.

Evergreen Elegance - Indian is a land of variety. And different seasons got different vibes with them. In our search to dress according to the season, we can have fashionable straps. Maxi dresses are available in various sleeves, fabrics and prints, making it ideal for almost every season. Just choose a maxi dress that can be paired with denim or shawls as well. Maxi dresses with dupatta deserve a separate fanbase, seriously! Less effort, more sexuality. Correct?

For every body-type - Tall or short, Slim or not, Glass hour figure or not. Maxi dresses to suit every body type without any discrimination. These floor-length flared beautiful attires are lovable. No matter what others say. Ambraee feels this way, and we have an exclusive collection to prove the same!